Tailor-made for duty lighting — Nextorch P84 3000 Lumen Duty Flashlight

At the end of 2022, the NEXTORCH P series flashlight family welcomed a new member, the P84 one-button flash duty flashlight. NEXTORCH P series flashlights have always been known for their practical functions, excellent quality and high reliability, and are worthy of users’ trust. This P84 flashlight is also a continuation of the classic on the P series platform.

Continue the classic
NEXTORCH P84 packaging is still unshakable according to the style, which is the traditional style carton packaging of NEXTORCH, with high recognition and clear basic function parameters.

The overall material of NEXTORCH P84 is made of aerospace aluminum, and the surface is treated with military hard anodizing, with meticulous workmanship. The eye-catching NEXTORCH LOGO and model are in the middle of the flashlight, and the holding part of the flashlight is treated with anti-skid treatment, which makes it feel good to hold.

The overall size of NEXTORCH P84 is basically the same as that of P81. The size is 160mm (barrel length) X28.5mm (barrel diameter) X35mm (barrel head diameter), and the total weight is 235.8 grams after adding the battery.

The NEXTORCH P84 barrel head is designed with three high-hardness ceramic bead attack heads, which are the characteristics of the barrel head family of the NEXTORCH tactical series and duty series, and its window-breaking ability is beyond doubt. The hardness of ceramic beads is second only to diamond, which is quite high. It can easily break the window glass, help you break the window to escape, and meet the needs of personal defense and escape.

NEXTORCH P84 uses high light transmission coated lenses with high light transmission efficiency and good light effect. This time, P84 is equipped with a high-power LED with a maximum output of 3000 lumens. With a micro-orange peel lamp cup, the maximum range can reach 260 meters, and the floodlight performance is also very good, which is very suitable for large-scale lighting.

The middle section of NEXTORCH P84 tube head is a 360-degree red and blue led lamp group, which is the same as the layout of P83 tube head. In such a compact space volume of the tube head, the red and blue signal lamp group is integrated, which can also meet the reliability requirements such as waterproof and anti-drop. I really admire the creativity of Narid designer. It also reflects the strength and innovation of Narid brand in the quality of flashlight manufacturing.

Like other P8 series, P84 highlights duty features. With hidden Type-C direct charging design, it not only ensures the overall appearance of the flashlight is simple and smooth, but also has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. The waterproof grade reaches IPX7. It is not afraid of all kinds of harsh environments. The design is very compact and ingenious.

P84 adopts intelligent four-stage power display, which can observe the remaining power of the flashlight at any time. When you turn on/off the flashlight:
The battery light will be on for 2 seconds.
Four blue lights: 75% ~ 100%,
Three blue lights: 50% ~ 75%,
Two blue lamps: 25% ~ 50%,
One red light: 10% ~ 25%,
One red light flashes: 0% ~ 10%.
In the charging state, the blue indicator will flash, and when fully charged, the four blue indicators will always be on, which is clear at a glance.

P84 still continues the design of P84 duty flashlight switch button, using side press double switch, the main switch is responsible for opening and flashlight. Lightly press to switch the brightness gear, click the auxiliary switch to open the one-button flash, long press to open the red and blue alarm flash mode, after opening, lightly press to switch the five modes of red and blue.

The tail of the flashlight is designed with a flat bottom, which is simple but practical. The flashlight can stand up steadily. The flashlight spot reflects light on the ceiling and acts as a temporary emergency light.

After unscrewing the tail cover, take out the battery. The P84 uses a 4800mAh high-capacity 21700 battery to ensure sufficient endurance. If it is on duty or outdoor activities, it can meet the long-term lighting needs.

The side of the tail cover is provided with a rope hole, which is convenient to use the hand rope and adds a safety to prevent the flashlight from falling accidentally. At the same time, this design does not affect the handstand and overall appearance of the flashlight.

Simple operation, practical and reliable
The switch of NEXTORCH P84 continues to use the classic side-pressing mode of P series, and adopts the double-side pressing switch design. The small button is an independent one-button flash switch, and the big button is a normally bright button switch, which can realize the switching of lighting, normally bright and brightness modes (medium bright 600 lumens-low bright 36 lumens-high bright 3000 lumens cycle switching).

The independent one-key flash can be turned on and off in any mode, which is simple and effective, suppresses the visual nerve of the other side and destroys the sense of balance, which greatly improves the probability of law enforcers to seize the initiative in response to emergencies. In low-light law enforcement and critical conditions, preemption and initiative can not only win by surprise, but also greatly improve the personal safety of law enforcers.

Press the auxiliary switch for a long time to turn on the red and blue signal lights. The first gear is the red and blue alarm flash mode. Press it continuously to switch the red and Blue Flash-red flash-blue flash-red light-blue light. This kind of red and blue signal light is integrated on the flashlight, which is really very practical for front-line duty, greatly improving the use efficiency of P84 flashlight in various scenes, and can be used as a warning light, signal light, and the actual combat status has been greatly improved. For the actual combat needs of front-line police, it can be seen and seen, which greatly improves the safety of night road duty. P84 is really a good partner in duty.

P84 Press the constant light key again for the first 600 lumen duty lighting mode. This brightness is the most frequently used in the first-line duty law enforcement process. With sufficient brightness, it ensures sufficient range and good endurance.

When P84 is required to output at full power, the maximum brightness is 3000 lumens, the range is 260 meters, and the intensity of the central spot is up to 17000 candela, which can meet the needs of close-range suppression, long-distance search and observation. When the flashlight is turned off, press the constant light button lightly to achieve the maximum brightness of 3000 lumens instantly, which meets the tactical needs of suppression and spot shooting.

Nalid P84 flashlight highlights high cost performance. The multi-functional red and blue flash highlight one-button flash duty flashlight can not only meet the needs of grass-roots front-line duty work, such as daily patrol, search and rescue, industrial maintenance, outdoor operations, etc., but also has a wide range of uses. Its high reliability is more suitable for front-line police units and industries with relevant demand background.

NEXTORCH P84 is a red and blue flash, highlight, one-button flash duty flashlight positioned for front-line law enforcers, equipped with high-brightness LEDs and micro-orange peel light cups, so that it has a maximum brightness of 3000 lumens and 260 meters range, 600 lumens duty lighting mode, bilateral press switch, one-button flash one-button lighting, five red and blue signal light modes. Ceramic bead attack head, four-stage intelligent electric display, Type-C direct charging design and other product features can well meet the needs of front-line duty work, as well as outdoor operations, search and rescue, industrial maintenance and other fields. The multi-functional, practical, stable and reliable quality is trustworthy.

I like the light. My issue is that at $85 it’s in the AceBeam/Fenix/Nitecore price range.

I think the price is way too high for what it is.

Nice review.