Talk me out of the L2 XP-L HI

Firstly, I should make this clear that this I’m considering this a frivolous purchase. I just don’t need this light. But I like throwy lights - even those I don’t need. I’d like to show off how much throw you can get if you spend wisely and do your research. And I will get some use out of it, just not every day.

I’m considering a cheap, throwy light - sub 45 dollar budget. I don’t own any substantial throwers (the Jacobs A60 being the best I have) and am drawn to the L2 XPL HI as a) I don’t own any Convoy lights and want to see what the fuss is about and b) don’t own any 26650 lights. I’ve not come across any reviews of the L2 with the XP-L HI emitter though. And I could be tempted by something else in any case as long as it’s in budget.

What are peoples thoughts on the above?

You talking about this one ?

I’m trying real hard not to order one myself.
The only thing holding me back is that they don’t mention the throw specs (kCd).
I need (well… not really) something in the 250-275 kCd range

That’s the one I’m looking at, although I’m also considering this:

1A tint vs 4B, should be a bit more neutral.

Keep your money in their cash register. You’ll be much better off with a light instead. You can’t use cash to blind a thug or smack him on the head with it……

The L2 is a very solid light, the only reason I don’t have one is because I have the Jaxman counterpart, the X1. Its about The Same size and performance, but I like the X1’s looks better.

The L2 XPL HI in stock form only throws about 100kcd, a fully modded one with dedomed XPG can reach 250 but you lose brightness.

If you’re looking for 250kcd try either Maxtoch M24 4A version (available at mtnelectronics) or the Olight M3XS UT.

There’s no way the L2 does 200kcd, or anywhere close to that. The domed XM-L2 M24 out throws this light. Even though it’s big, the reflector just isn’t that great.

I agree, not with an XP-L HI anyway. I built one with an XP-L HI & fet+1 and my Olight SR52-UT out threw it…the SR52-UT is only 160kcd.

The M24 with the higher amp driver that Richard has and a dedomed XM-L2 U4 1C is doing 300+ K lux and throws like mad, the same light with the XP-L HI is doing 250K lux and is a pretty serious thrower with that setup also.

Heres a couple of beamshots I took last night in misty conditions, the 2 large trees side by side at 500 yards……

M24 with XP-L HI/// 500 yards

M24 XM-L2 U4 1C dedomed…500yds


Have you considered either the Thorfire S50 or S70?

Available in about the same price range with code from Freeme: ENEDED

Probably has at least as much throw as the L2, but with a lot more horsepower. }:slight_smile:

Just FYI sr52-ut is direct drive so 200kcd+ Is possible with good cells.

Really? I had no clue. I ’ve been using protected Panasonics in mine this whole time…had no idea.

Does the SR52-UT use a different driver than the original SR52? The original used a boost converter with the cells in 3P.

I’ve never torn mine apart to see.

The Convoy L2 in 2S configuration with an MT-G2 in it is a pretty dang sweet light. Tighter hot spot than I would have thought, great color, only pulls about 10.45A at the tail on Turbo with an FET+1 Zener modified. :wink:

The L2 is a sweet light, I like it a lot, and while it might not be THE best at any one thing, it’s up there close at virtually everything, so like a good Decathlete, it wins on sheer versatility.

Yikes! :sunglasses:

I agree. I’m only impressed by the chunkiness and solid looks of the L2 - which to me is very appealing.
I already have lights in the range from 90 - 320 kCd (among my throwers) and I really wouldn’t mind adding to them with something that’s this good-looking in the 250 kCd range
But 100kcd? My de-domed C8 betters that by a small margin and is much smaller and lighter.

If Convoy were to come out with an MT-G2 version of this light (my favourite tint) I’d buy one in a heartbeat :slight_smile:

I see no difference between 3 30qs, 3 Efest 35as, or 3 protected Panasonics.

Weird, do you have a lux meter/camera with manual mode to compare? 160kcd v 200 v 240 would be tough to compare by eye unless you have the aforementioned or 2 sr52-UT side by side.

hmmm that L2 sounds disappointing :(. makes me lean towards the maxtoch …. am
I just paranoid about running 2 cells or is it ok when matched and protected?

The L2 is a nice light and for me it’s much larger than everything else I have, it’s crying out to have something more powerful fitted. Either up the amps or fit a 6v emitter, it would be a shame to not put the 2 cells in series to good use, I’m installing the XHP70 in mine today.

I don’t think it’s important to have protected cells.