Taobao agent for germany?!

Hi everyone,

the last time I often find interesting lights on taobao or other sites in China where you cannot order directly from abroad. Now I found out about these shopping agents. That sounds interesting to me if it is safe and not too expensive in the end.
Can anyone tell me experiences about that? Especially in Germany or Europe in general?

Let’s see how it turns out here… :wink:


Nothing?! I can’t believe that… :wink:

I have used a couple of times without any problems, even with some complicated products.

Mistertao has announced on their website, that :

“We regret to announce that, due to new Chinese government policies on international trade, MisterTao will cease to operate on March 31st.”


I have used CSSBuy: Taobao Agent | Taobao English | 1688 Agent one time to get something I could not find anywhere else but on taobao. It worked fine. There is extra cost involved for shipping but I did get what I wanted.

Hi, you may try to contact an online retailer with buying team in China and ask for the product you found at Taobao. If you place a bulk order, i’m sure that they can offer you the best price with reliable shipping.
And you’re welcome if you’d like to give us a try :slight_smile:

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