TC20 Cleaning

Hi all apologies if this is wrong area for this question. I have the TC20 and the Turbo mode doesn’t seem much brighter than the 1800 lumen high mode. Turbo is 3800 or so lumens.

Would 2000 lumens be noticeably brighter to the human eye?

I bought some Isopropyl alcohol 91% from Walmart today and cleaned the battery, un anodized tail end like Thrunite said (tightened both the tail cap and the head)……

I just used a paper towel with the alcohol. Not too sure how to clean the springs and such. Not sure if using paper towel on the insides is ok or not.

Any tips would be appreciated.

I did NOT measure lumens or anything cuz I do not have the tools for that.

Cleaning advice and is the TC20 really close to the claimed 3800 lumens on turbo?

Replace battery, not enough current for turbo.
Turbo mode is easy to spot. If not enough current TC20 goes to lower mode in a blink of the eye.

How about the purple Efest 5000mAh 45A 3.7V 18A continuous discharge? Is that enough oomph for this light?

Also have some protected Keeppower 5200mAh cells. Not sure what the amps and stuff are for those tho…

All charged to 4.2V

Protection circuit might be a problem. On stock battery my TC20 was unable to work on turbo, so I bought Lii-50A. Turbo started working. Than I removed protection circuit from stock battery and voila turbo was no problem :slight_smile:

I know nothing about removing anything from any battery. I just simply lack the skill lol. Is the Thrunite battery protected? Its longer than all of my other cells. I am having hard time finding any info about these thrunite cells on google.

Thanks Mike

Take a knife and remove it :slight_smile:
More or less the same: How to remove protection circuit from 18650 batteries. | Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss Laser Pointers | High Power Lasers

Hahaha with my luck i would end up exploding something :person_facepalming:
I am gonna have to pass on that one Mike :slight_smile:

I’d recommend this cell.

Slightly better turbo output compared to my liitokalas, which were the highest I have seen otherwise. Efest purple are a slight step down from either. Better than the thrunites, but not as good as the liitokalas.

When you double click to turbo, you should see a clear step up.

Also, I measured 3,204 lm at turbo startup and 3,075 lm at 30s with the liitokalas.

checking the shocklii numbers in a sec, i’ll drop them here. edit again…. battery is charging, but I had a 40t hot off the charger and got 3,367 at start and 3,212 at 30s. Used the squiggly band-type adapters and the 21700 fits perfectly. These guys

thanks for the info! ive read about shockli a lot on the forum, just never really checked them out. look forward to your results thanks :slight_smile:

@nkresho what is a 40t?
edit…… its a battery duh mike lol. 21700 fits? That makes sense cuz that included 26650 is longer than all of my cells of any kind (18650 and 26650…)


Cutting out the security is not difficult:

Komeko, I’m not trying to be rude but that picture doesn’t tell me anything. Or are you just showing me what the cell is?
I just ordered some of the Shockli 5500mAh from Richard last night. Shipped already.
I was supposed to get my V6 today but i am now getting it Friday because Canada i guess had some kind of natural disaster. Hope everyone is alright.

On the pic is shown how to remove protection circuit from TC20 stock battery to get turbo working.

I took my light outside last night and shined it at a tree 75 yards away and i noticed a pretty big difference between high and turbo with the included cell from thrunite. Maybe you got a buggy cell? Idk much about batteries and measurements and what not of them or even the flashlight amps that they pull. That’s why i joined BLF.

I mostly bought this light mainly for walking at night and for my medical condition. I need some light to focus my eye balls on or something not very fun will happen. But i do enjoy using my lights in fields and stuff.

I also do not have any real tools other than pocket knives, screwdrivers etc. To be working on flashlights or batteries. I don’t feel comfortable messing with the batteries with metal objects.

It could stress me out and I’d end up doing something i didnt want to do…… but we’re not here to talk about illnesses.

Thanks for the help everyone

Mine only had 4 chips not 5.

I got some Golisi 35A which did the trick.

@Fluke…I dont think ill be using turbo too much anyway. But its neat to use it here and there.

The chips i am assuming are part of the protection if im not as dumb as i think i an at the moment lol.

What is the difference between having 4 or 5 chips?

I assume more chips more current.

Even with protection removed it still does not hold up like a Samsung 30T (21700), or the Golisi (26650) 35A.

Thrunite cell was a Sinowatt SW26650.

How about them black Shockli i just ordered from Richard? The black ones.

I got 2. Shipped already at 1230am

Never heard of Sinowatt (spelled that wrong) before.

Edit again: i did spell it right