TCR-10 driver toast

is this a known issue of the TCR-10?

this is supposed to be a replacement driver from jetbeam, i tested it with a multimeter to check if it works. when i tried to switch it on with a magnet, it just went bust. same as the old driver that it is supposed to replace. now both driver dead.
the solder joints dont look shiny as well…

Looks like the yellow capacitor was left in the oven a little to long.
I purchased a used TCR-10 a few months ago and have had no problems at all with it.
How exactly did you test this new driver?
Normal I would suspect that the reflector was touch a led pad or solder joint causing a short and the driver to blow.
But it sounds like you tested it outside of the light, I couldn’t imagine that you got two bad drivers from Jetbeam but anything is possible I guess.