Tenergy rewrap

I was just told Tenergy 18650s are a rewrap of another brand… Have I missed some these last few years? Always thought they made their own batteries.

never bought their 18650. Could always get some known good batts cheaper.
Have used several of their NiMh in various sizes years ago, but now use Eneloop, and usually buy their Sub C when rebuilding a power tool pack.

Had some of their AA 2500mAh NiMHs, good cells.

The li-ion 18650 market is plenty flowery already…

I'm looking for some good known high discharge sub-Cs (for a DeWalt DE735 drill), Tenergys seem out of the question due to expensive shipping and handling.

Cheers ^:)

For the Tenergy Sub C you can go up to 3800mAh in the NiMh. After that the OD becomes an issue. I was able to Stuff some 4300mAh into a Milwaukee 18V pack but I won’t do it again. Last 2 Milwaukee 18V packs I built a couple weeks ago, I used their 2200mAh NiCd. Those 2 packs are for my 1/2in drive Impact gun… the NiCd got more Sack for that tool.