Test: Basen 18650 2500 mAh 35A (Samsung INR18650-25R)

SM8124 tests AC impedance.



Top & bottom Label pic #1 Label pic #2

Discharge Graphs

Charging Graphs


Batteries provided for testing by: Basen Group

Basen lists the discharge end voltage as 2.5V and standard charging current as 1.25A, but I discharge to 2.8V and charge at 0.5A to make it easier to compare test results and prevent mistakes.

The labels say this battery can do 35A, which some might think means it should do 35A continuous, but the datasheet says it only does 20A continuous. My tests show what happens when it is discharged with up to 35A continuous.

As expected, these batteries get very warm during discharge starting at 20A.

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Based on feedback, I've made a few small changes. I've started trying to fit the batteries into my lights. The charging graphs have been moved to the end of the review because I feel they're the least important of the graphs. The cell used in the battery is now also in the title, which I hope is useful in the future when the search feature is used to find relevant reviews. Hopefully you guys find it useful since that's what this is all about.

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Good job, Leaftye . Really thanks for your all these nice reviews . And your kind suggestion will be put forward to our technical department , Thank you again, bro.


Big update. Added two more internal resistance tests. The SM8124 is a four wire tester, which should provide more accurate results. Continuous discharge tests with the more accurate and capable Maynuo M9712C dc load were added from 10A to 35A, along with discharge test results from the Opus BT-C3100 and Basen S2 smart chargers.

Nice! Good review…thanks!!

The SM8124 is fairly accurate, but it shows AC impedance, this cannot be compare to the DC resistance measured with chargers.


Oops. I'll have to make another round of changes. Thanks for pointing that out.

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