Test of a Luminus SST-20-W 3000K 95CRI led

What’s the maximum safe current for a high CRI SST-20? I’m hoping 4-4.5 Amps will be OK for regular turbo runs.

My own rule is 80% of max, it is on the safe side but that last 20% extra brightness is hard to see anyway. In case of this led that would between 3 and 3,5A. But I’m sure the led will still be ok at 4.5A.

Thank you djozz. I’m going to use it in a BLF A6 host with 4 - 6 Amp LD-A4 driver to make a throwy tube light. I’ll stick to 4A max current then…

I built recently C8+ with SST-20 4000K and LD-A4

If LD-A4 is configured for 6A current, I measure 5.3A on 100, 1.65A on 30 and 0.53A on 10. 100 mode is twice as bright as 30% (in terms of lux).

If LD-A4 is configured for 4A current, I measure 3.7A on 100, 1.1A on 30 and 0.35A on 10. 100 mode is 2.5x as bright as 30% (in terms of lux).

I like 1.65A mode because C8+ is only slightly warm after 15 minutes.

No SST-20 were harmed during testing :wink:

Thank you, very informative. So you perhaps know the voltage across the LED at 4A, or perhaps 6A?

And how well does it throw in the C8? I might develop a need for a high CRI thrower with my spare C8+ host.

SST-20 4000K fb4 review thread

5.3A - 3.6V

3.7A - 3.4V

A bit worse than XPL-HI in BLF GT mini which is awesome IMO, comparison at the bottom of the post

Thank you so much. Looks like 4A will be perfect to keep the Vf under 3.5v for some decent run times. I have a few spare 3000K SST-20’s from BlueSwordM and I’m itching for a build. Definitely going to try one in a C8+…