Test of Lithium AA rechargeable Batteries

The Project Farm guy does another series of test on AA batteries. I've been curious about these for a while now.


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This guy does some quality tests. :wink:

Thanks for sharing that review.

I’ve also been itching to find out how these 1.5v Li-Ion AA rechargeable batteries perform.

What I find interesting is the “fan” test in the above video — apparently, the discharged capacity test may not completely equate to the “fan” runtime — the Vapcell has the most tested capacity (just a bit more capacity when compared to some of the better models in the test, but the “fan” runtime is significantly a LOT longer).

What is more interesting is the Smartoools battery — it’s about middle-of-the-pack in terms of tested capacity, but it outlasted all the others (which have higher tested discharge capacity) in the “fan” runtime test, except for the Vapcell (which outlasted all others).

So far, I’ve been able to source these 4 models: Vapcell P1418A, Smartoools 1.5v Li-Ion AA (these 2 are reviewed in the video), Xtar 1.5v Li-Ion AA (would like to request the reviewer above to check out this battery too), and also a less-well-performing DoublePow (I ordered 4pcs, and 1 of them came malfunctioning… so this is not a good brand)…

At first, I tried using SkyRC MC3000 to do a discharge test (after fully charging each of them), but unfortunately, the MC3000 will report “Connection Break” error when the battery is completely depleted (drops to 0.0v), so it looks like ordinary charge/discharger don’t seem to work (I also tried another analyzing charger, and they don’t like the “drop to 0.0v” — capacity test will disappear when that happens.

On second try with the MC3000, I connected to the PC so I can check the discharge graph, before it displays the “Connection Break” error.

I got these results (first charge each to full), MC3000 set to –0.50A discharge current:

  1. Vapcell P1418A ~ 1928mAh (03hrs 51min)
  2. Xtar 1.5v Li-Ion AA ~ 1926mAh (03hrs 51 min)
  3. DoublePow 1.5v Li-Ion AA ~ 1231mAh
  4. Smartoools 1.5v Li-Ion AA (haven’t tested yet)

I’m a little suspicious of of the fan test. I wonder if any given cheapo fan has a noticeably higher current draw due to QC of the fan build?
But the winners were way better than the poorest versions.
Still, I like this reviewer’s methods.
If you are looking to find out which glue is best or the which duct tape is the strongest - Project Farm is the place to check.
He tests all sorts of stuff and is not a shill for various products like so may Tubers are…
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Suspect this might be down to amp draw. The discharge test was controlled at a fairly lowish amp draw. I wonder if the fans were probably taxing the batteries a bit harder. A bit like how a 3000mAh IMR 18650 can give better runtimes than a 3500mAh one under certain conditions.