Test Range clearance

It was getting out of hand. Spent the last 8 hours with a chainsaw improving matters. Now tired, sore, sweating and sunburnt. But I can see the bottom and sides of the range now. And the trees that used to be on the right no longer threaten my phone line.

Nice and neat. Can you do my 5 acres?

If I had five acres round here, I could sell it for millions. That'd be 50 house plots at ~US$600,000 a shot. Actually it'd probably be many hundreds of flats.

I think my ~250 square metres (around a sixteenth of an acre) is enough for me.

And my assistant says hello. He wanted to help with the chainsawing, moving and all the stuff involving powered equipment. He did get to help with the clearing up. He's back to his owners tomorrow when they get back from the south.

Your back yard looks really good there Don and I love how your little helper is at least trying to help. I did some of that a couple weeks ago and it is A LOT of hard and very sweaty work. I also burned the hell out of my arms and shoulders which really sucked for about 2-3 days after. Cry