Test / Review: Callies Kustoms 2250mAh (Grey)

Callies Kustoms 2250mAh (Grey)

This battery is a high current battery without any protection!

Official specifications:

  • 18650 Unprotected Battery
  • 18650 2250mAh
  • 10A Max Discharge
  • Max Charge/Max discharge voltage 4.2/3v
  • Panasonic uses "PSS Technology" in this battery. A solid solution technology that allows the high capacity of a standard Lithium-Ion battery and the safety of an IMR battery. This is truly a revolutionary battery!

Because this battery is without a protection PCB the size if very close to the official 18 mm diameter and 65 mm long.

I received the battery with a lot of bubble wrap protection and the batteries is in a soft plastic bag. Callies does also include a page about how to thread LiIon batteries.

With this battery I included tests up to 10A, where it still has lot of useable capacity.

This battery does not have any current protection and the curve only shows voltage under load. Doing 5 tests (Each takes about 100 seconds when running up to 15 ampere) did use most of the capacity in the cell. This can be seen on the last part of the last test trace.

I did have some problem with charging (Due to the very low resistance of the cell) and had to use a less than perfect CC/CV charging (This would never be a problem with a regular LiIon charger). The impact in capacity and charge time is negligible.


The battery uses a good cell, making it a fairly safe cell, but remember it is unprotected and must not be over discharged. For uses with high current this is a very good battery and it can deliver more capacity at a higher voltage than 3100 mAh cells when high current.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries

Thanks, another great test.

I've been waiting for this test since they seem to be perfect for some of my incans, and considering that they hold a higher voltage at a certain load they might be just perfect for that task. I might have to buy some to try.

And a quick question: are you going to do a test of the Hi-Max 2600 batteries? They seem to be good value, it would be perfect with a test done by you.

They do have a significant advantage when using high currents at above 3 volt.

I have not bought any yet, but I might do it later on.

Just now I have way to many batteries to test (Waiting, working on and done):

I was thinking of buying a handful to have on the shop, but after looking into the cells....



There is no manganese cathode at all, so it is physically not an IMR cell. Also notice in the datasheet - it is not equipped with a PTC.



Curious question. I’ve ordered the PCB button top versions of these. If i trip the protection, will the battery become useless? Meaning I’d have to remove the PCB for it to be useful again. Thanks

a good charger will reset the PCB. The Xtar series will.

No, you just have to reset the protection. Some chargers can do that or you can use this method with a good battery:

Thank you Texas Shooter and HKJ for the response. Appreciate it. I settled then I’m getting these batteries for my begginer’s flashlight.