Test/Review of BlitzWolf 40W 5 port usb charger

BlitzWolf 40W 5 port usb charger

Official specifications:

  • Input:AC 100-240v
  • Output: 5V /2.1A(2.4A Max)
  • Total output: 8A
  • Size:91 X 58 X 26mm /3.6 X 2.3 X 1.0inch
  • Weight:300g/11.02oz
  • Color:BLACK
  • Industry grade materials
  • Flame Resistance Level:UL94 V0
  • Material:PC
  • Copper alloy Angle of anti-oxidation

I got it from Banggood SKU212468 (White version SKU212420).

I got this charger in a minimally labeled cardboard box.

Contents was charger, mains cable and instruction sheet.


  • Power consumption when idle: 0.1 watt
  • All outputs are in parallel.
  • Usb coding is auto detect with Apple 2.1A as maximum
  • It turns outputs off when overloaded.

Good efficiency and stable output voltage (The voltage drop is mostly due to usb cable and connections resistance).
No individual overload protection, but in tear down it can be seen that there is a fuse on each output that will blow if there is a serious overload.

Running all ports in parallel it turned the output off just befoere 9A, this looks very sensible for a 8A rated device.

The charger has no problem with a total load of 8A for one hour.
The temperature photos below are taken between 30 minutes and 60 minutes into the one hour test.

M1: 71,3°C, M2: 65,5°C, M3: 57,4°C, M4: 52,9°C, HS1: 74,3°C
HS1 is the rectifier diodes, M1 is the transformer and M2 is the mains switcher heatsink.

M1: 56,9°C, M2: 60,3°C, HS1: 66,4°C
HS1 is again the rectifier diodes.

M1: 57,3°C, M2: 52,1°C, HS1: 62,5°C
HS1 is the heatsink for the rectifier diodes.

M1: 46,7°C, M2: 52,5°C, HS1: 57,5°C
HS1 is the heatsink for the rectifier diodes.

There is not much noise at 0,5A with 12mV rms and 140mVpp.

The noise is fairly constant with increasing load: 12mV rms and 180mVpp.

Even at maximum load: 14mV rms and 160mVpp.

Tear down

I could not break it open and had to cut it.

A few parts can be seen here, the mains switcher transistor on a heatsink and the two rectifier diodes on their own heatsink.
The optical feedback chip is also visible.

On this picture one of the common mode coils are visible. There is a bridge rectifier under the heatsink, but it is not visible.
The safety capacitor with all its approvals can also be seen.

The black paper between the transformer and heatsink is a way to improve isolation.

The mains switcher IC (U1) and the feedback control IC (u2) can be seen. There is a fuse for each output.

The distance between low volt side and mains is enough.

Testing with 2500 volt and 5000 volt between mains and low volt side, did not show any safety problems.


This box has lots of usb power and a safe construction. The noise is low and the voltage constant even at full load.
All in all a good usb power supply.


The charger was supplied by Banggood for a review.

Read more about how I test USB power supplies/charger

Thanks for another nice review!

Thank you for the excellent review (as always) HKJ!
I bought it from Banggood also.

Thanks HKJ for this review, I always find your reviews very informative that results in a better understanding of the product. I looks like a very good USB charger for under $20

More nice work - thanks HKJ.

We appreciate the effort you put in - this one looks good.

I received mine BlitzWolf yesterday.

So far I tried charging:

- Coolook PB-2000 power bank (it works fine)

- Miller ML-102 (it works fine)

- Galaxy Tab 7.7 (it doesn’t charge with original Samsung charge/data cable but if I use charging only cable it works)

  • Apple iPod 160Gb (it doesn’t charge with original Apple cable, I haven’t try other cables yet).

If I understand correctly, it should auto detect correct usb coding but that’s not happening.
Luckily I have one of those universal charging cable, it works with anything and I use it when I’m traveling.

Still, I’m satisfied with the charger.

Awesome review, looks like the charger to get, going to BG now thanks hkj

Thanks for the review.
Good to know that is safe as I bought it already.

Would it improve heat dissipation if I cut a hole on top of the plastic where the heatsink is?

Probably, but I will not recommend it, one of the heatsinks is directly connected to the mains!

Also remember that these temperatures are only reached when fully loaded, not just because you charge one pad and one phone on it.

If you want to cool it, place it in a location with airflow, instead of opening it.

Hm, your board is 2 months earlier than the one M@dM@x tore down.
Both his and yours have had a word/label removed from the board with some kind of grinder — any idea what that’s about?

The usual reason to remove identification in electronic is to avoid other figuring out what part you used, this can usual delay somebody coping it with a few days.

Thank you for the review I have this same 5 port usb charger and highly take your opinion into account, keep those reviews coming!( they are addictive :wink: )

Thanks for your review HKJ.
Already order it :slight_smile:

This looks identical to Anker’s 40W charger.

Not completely as you can see if you compare to my Anker 40W review.

Nice, ordering one payday…thanks HKJ!

Don’t know it’s me or what. I’m using it since 5 June (actually hardly use), now only 1 USB port is working. Other 4 ports have no power. May be quality issue. Already email banggood.

I got 5 inbound . Fingers crossed.

nice review.
can wait for my charger to arrive.