Test/Review of Camelion AAA 1100mAh (Silver-orange)

Camelion AAA 1100mAh (Silver-orange)

Official specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage: 1,2V

  • Capacity: 1100mAh

  • Dimensions (Ø x L mm): 10,2 x 44,2

  • Weight(g): 14,0

  • Electrochemical System: Nickel-Metal Hydrid

Maximum temperature raise at different discharge currents: 1A:+1,9°C, 2A:+4,8°C, 3A:+7,5°C, 5A:+11,1°C
This is very high capacity AAA cells.

The cells have a very high capacity, but there is also significant difference between the two cells. The capacity drops with higher load (Like all NiMH), but the cell has good capacity also at higher currents.


To get the most capacity from AAA cells, this looks good, but there is significant variation in capacity.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
Compare to other AA/AAA batteries: Alkaline/NiMH/Lithium

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