Test/review of Charger Doublepow DP-K209

Charger Doublepow DP-K209

This is a simple mains powered NiMH charger from Banggood.

The charger was in a nice box with specifications on it, the supplied mains cable was not included in the box.

That means I got the charger and the cable, there was no instruction sheet included.

The power input socket is placed on the side of the charger.

There is no buttons on the charger, only a display.

All segments on the display.

During charge, the blocks in the battery symbols are animated.

The charger has a lid with lots of ventilation in.

The back has the usual label with specifications, but they do not match the actual performance.

The connection are the common two level type used in AA/AAA chargers.

Measurements charger

  • When not powered it will discharge a NiMH battery with about than 0.4mA

  • Power consumption when idle is 0.13 Watt

  • Mains cable resistance: 464mOhm + 480mOhm, do not use this cable for other devices!

The charger stops charging early, I do not know what type of algorithm this is. Probably some type of 0dv/dt, but that is very difficult to do with low charge current.

This battery is just about fully charged.

Same with this.

Again a bit early termination.

None of the high capacity cells are fully charged.

The AAA is nearly fully chargerd.

The full battery takes 24 minutes to detect.

Four batteries is charged with the same low current.

M1: 45.4°C, HS1: 51.2°C
With a low charge current and lots of ventilation holes the batteries get surprisingly warm.

M1: 49.2°C, HS1: 52.6°C

The charger starts very fast.

Testing with 2830 volt and 4242 volt between mains and low volt side, did not show any safety problems.


The charger is simple to use and with build-in supply it is very compact, but the batteries will not always be fully charge. The supplied mains cable is not very good.


The charger was supplied by Banggood for review.

Here is an explanation on how I did the above charge curves: How do I test a charger

About mains cables see the end of this project

:+1: Thanks for the review HKJ. All good info.