Test/Review of Duracell AA Duralock 1300mAh (Green-Copper)

Duracell AA Duralock 1300mAh (Green-Copper)

Official specifications:

  • Battery Chemistry: NiMH , Newer type of rechargable
  • Voltage: 1,2 V
  • Capacity: 1300 mAh
  • Output Power: 1 Wh
  • Hold their charge for 6 months
  • Re-charge 100's of times

Maximum temperature raise at different discharge currents: 1A:+1,4°C, 2A:+3,4°C, 3A:+5,7°C, 5A:+10,1°C, 7A:+13,6°C, 10A:+15,5°C

This is low capacity AA batteries. I wonder if the purpose of these batteries is to make Duracell chargers look fast?

I got the batteries with a charger and it can charge these batteries in 45 minutes, normal capacity (2000mAh-2700mAh) takes longer.

It looks like one of the batteries needed two cycles to start up, but the two batteries do never track very well.


The batteries do deliver current like other NiMH batteries, but not for as long. I have some difficult to see the purpose of these batteries, for low drain devices batteries with better lsd properties would be prefered, for higher drain I would prefer more capacity.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
Compare to other AA/AAA batteries: Alkaline/NiMH/Lithium

With the low mAh, I thought these might be good for solar light cell replacements, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can you recommend some 800, or 1000mAh NiMH cells for solar yard lights and such?

Maybe eneloop lite.

They seem perfect, I just looked them up and they do up to 3,000 cycles, and are 950 mAh for the AA.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to sell them in the United States, I saw some for $16.00 a piece at Amazon, but that surely isn’t for realistic selling.

They do seem fantastic for the those little solar lights though.