Test/Review of Eneloop AA HR-3UTGB 1900mAh (White)

Eneloop AA HR-3UTGB 1900mAh (White)

Official specifications:

  • Capacity typical: 2000mAh
  • Capacity minimum: 1900mAh
  • Nominal voltage: 1.2V
  • Fast charge: 2000mA
  • Life cycles: up to 1800
  • Self-Discharge: approx. 70% capacity after 5 years

Maximum temperature raise at different discharge currents: 1A:+1,2°C, 2A:+3,3°C, 3A:+5,8°C, 5A:+11,3°C, 7A:+16,6°C, 10A:+22,1°C,

These batteries can handle large discharge currents..


These batteries have over the years proves to be very good batteries for just about any application I have used them in.
I really like the low self discharge and the ability to deliver high currents.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts

Thanks HKJ. Is there any off the Turnigy 2400 LSD from Hobby king on the horizon?

Good to have “official” confirmation of what we were pretty sure of. Thanks HKJ.

Thanks as always for the reviews!!

it's interesting that the GRAY is some sort of "dust/dirt". one can take a q-tip (with droplet of water or alcohol) and rub softly against the grey area. it will turn into the whitest WHITE you've ever seen in life!!

i "cleaned" all of my Eneloops dis way. All whitey's now! Looks much better :p

No, I did have plans to do some NiMH test, but had not done anything to get start, then Don ask me if I can do some high current tests on Contour NiMH batteries. To make that interesting I needed some other batteries to compare to, so I got busy with making scripts and getting some new Eneloops while Don shipped some Contour batteries to me.

Next up is the Contour and after them the Eneloop 2500mAh. I have not planned any other NiMH batteries, but there will probably be other.

Because I run the test down to 0.1A, it takes about 8 days to check two batteries, this makes it slow to test NiMH, but will be great for comparison to Alkaline, when I get around to check some of them.

Also, remember to check my link at the bottom of the review, I have added some information for NiMH.

Thanks HKJ.

Great review :smiley: I have a couple of these and now I confirm they’re good!

Have you reviewed these ones yet? I bought 12 of em to use around the house and for the external flash for my underwater digital camera. Higher mHa and less recharge cycles.

He already answered your question :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are the Eneloop 2500 HKJ said in post #4 above that he will be testing after the Contours.

Edit>> Snap!!

Thanks for review. Very useful!
Looking forward to your review of Eneloop XX.

Thanks for the great review!

About the new ones you gonna test: are they the 1st gen XX or the 2nd gen XX?

That must be 2en gen: Eneloop AA HR-3UWXB 2450mAh (Black)

Nice HKJ, always a pleasure to see your technical reviews.

yep, 2nd gen

It’s only in my dodgy, very much hungover state I see my error, cheers.

Love your work HKJ.

I feel like a goose.