Test/Review of Enercig 18650 3000mAh (Green) 2016

Enercig 18650 3000mAh (Green) 2016

Official specifications:

  • Typical capacity: 3120mAh

  • Minimum capacity: 3000mAh

  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V

  • Standard charge: CC/CV, 0.2C, 4.2V

  • Standard discharge: CC, 0.2C, 2.5V

  • End-of-charge voltage: 4.2V +/-0.05V

  • End-of-charge current: 0.02C (About 62mA)

  • End-of-discharge voltage: 2.00V

  • Continuous maximum discharge: 5C/10C (15A/30A) with temp cutoff at 80°C

  • Max. discharge current vs. time: 30A-40A > 44s, 55A > 19s, 80A > 6s (Never discharge above 80°C)

  • Cycle life: 300 cycles @ 0.5C to 80%

  • Initial impedance: 8mOhm - 18mOhm

  • Weight: 46.4g +/- 1.5g

  • Operating temperature: Charging 0°C 45°C, discharging: –20°C 60°C

  • Storage temperature: –5°C ~ 35°C

The newest high current and high capacity cell from Enercig.

There is no doubt this is a quality battery, the curves track perfectly and capacity is nearly constant with current.
At high current the battery gets hot and I stopped the 30A test due to that.

At 15A or greater that there must be a temperature cut-out at 80°C, I could stay below that at 15A

But at 30A I hit 80°C or rather went above. Here I was up to 92°C.


This is one of the top high current and capacity cells on the market.

I will rate it a very good battery.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by ENERDan for review.

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This confirms it is a rewrapped VTC6, thanks!

Do you or anyone else know who re-wraps this battery for sale in the U.S.?

I believe that the Orbtronic will make such a move .
Βased on the history of the company of course……
I have no information , just what I believe.

Imrbatteries right now has about 700 of these. Us domestic the original not rewraps. Around $10 a piece. Unless you absolutely just want them or need them. You can almpst get 2 30q for the price of one vtc 6. I may get some eventually but they need to come down to under 7 a battery

Thank you, I have seen the frenzy today to buy a piece of history, but like yourself I will settle with easier to get and less expensive but still very good other 18650 flat-top batteries.

I know what you mean, a battery isn’t worth that much to me. A good 26650 I’ve paid that. And 3-4 years ago sure everyone did. But now I can get 32 NCR 18650 b $100 shipped. And 24 NCR 18650ga/ or 24 Samsung 30q for $100 shipped. I just can’t spend that. But I figure in time they will come down in price. Probably this time next year they will be reasonable. My strongest lights don’t push the limits of the 30q and hg2 I have now. For some people who like to test and push limits it might be good for them. I see it as a 25r with just more capacity. I will say though to Sony’s defense they don’t set the price and they do make damn good cells. I have 6 Sony laptop cells that were sold used. Then later given to me used further. And still have good life in them. It takes longer in the CV part of the charge then newer cells. But still deliver 5 amps and 2200-2300ish mah they should be way past done if it were another cell. Taken from a used laptop and used twice more until I got them and still kicken strong. I charge around 4 batteries a day and they just won’t die.