Test/Review of Ikea Ladda AA 2450mAh (White) 703.038.76

Ikea Ladda AA 2450mAh (White) 703.038.76

Official specifications:

  • Nominal capacity: 2450mAh

  • Nominal voltage: 1.2V

  • Ready to use, i.e. Low self discharge (LSD).

Maximum temperature raise at different discharge currents: 1A:+1,3°C, 2A:+3,1°C, 3A:+4,4°C, 5A:+8,9°C, 7A:+13,3°C, 10A:+17,1°C
Recently Ikea got some new NiMH AA batteries with higher capacity and LSD capability.

There is some small variation between the cell, but this is not a big deal with NiMH.


The batteries longs good with a performance similar to many other 2450mAh batteries.

Notes and links

Batteries was supplied by Pro backup (probackup.nl) from Ikea nl

How is the test done and how to read the charts
Compare to other AA/AAA batteries: Alkaline/NiMH/Lithium

Thanks for the review. So do we know for sure these are FDK sourced?

Thanks for the review! They sound very good for flashlight use.

Great review. I wonder how many cycles these are [really] good for.

Hey mate great review. In your opinion do you think these are the Fujitsu cells(FDK)? They perform similar? The capacity seems to be on the lower side if they are.

Comparing discharge curves they look identical.

thanks - much appreciated

Thanks a lot, your reviews are much appreciated. I read them all. Actually these days I come on BLF only for your reviews!

Have you planned to test the other NiMH cells on the IKEA store? In particular the 500mAh AAA cell which seems like a great bang per buck IMO (3 euros for four cells).

There’s an Ikea 10 miles from my house. I’ll pick some up this weekend.

Only the 900mAh.

Thanks for the review HKJ !
We might see these in Australia sometime this century.

everydaysurvivalgear, how do you get that the capacity seems low? If you look at HKJ’s comparator, compared to Eneloop Pro Black, which is also rated at 2450mAH, these actually perform a little better. Of course the Eneloops were probably tested under the old system, so the difference could be within the margin of error. The curves do look pretty much identical otherwise.

Closest Ikea is in Bordeaux, an hour and a half driving away.
But my wife like that town a lot.
So now we have an excuse to go there soon :smiley: Thanks!

It sounds like your post is as bad as ours here if you have to drive an hour to buy a few AA batteries. :))

these seem worth a try……
I wonder if the eneloop charger will charge them properly

Assuming it’s one of the smart Eneloop/Panasonic/Sanyo chargers (most of them are smart chargers), it shouldn’t have any issue charging these. If it’s not a smart charger, you probably shouldn’t be using it on any battery.

If these are equivalent (or close) to Eneloop Pros, you should be able to safely charge them at currents up to 2 amps. Faster than that, and you may reduce their lifespan.

I'm going to finally replace my aging knock-off "penesamig" and "2500mAh" (this capacity almost sounds legit nowadays) with these ladda batteries. They seem to be good bang for the buck–at not much more than half the price of eneloop pro's. The nearest Ikea is only 40mins away from me :)

Thats no way to talk about Daz or his camel.

Fyi, another report hinting that these laddas may be the same as eneloop pro…


As are the Duracell Ion Core hi-cap AA/AAAs.

You can find those are Target, Walmart and other places for about $10-$12 a quad.

Even the Energizer 2300mAh ‘made in Japan’ are good NiMH batteries, IME and not a lot of scratch.