Test/Review of Intl-outdoor NCR18650A 3100mAh (Black)

Intl-outdoor NCR18650A 3100mAh (Black)

Official specifications:

  • Panasonic 18650A
  • Capacity: 3100mAh
  • Recommended Max Discharge: 6.2A (2C)
  • Full charge: 4.2V
  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • Cut-off: 2.5V

The cell used can be discharged down to 2.5 volt, in my test I only discharges to 2.8 volt, i.e. I do not measure the full capacity. But then, not all lights will be able to use the full capacity.
Note: The tested batteries are samples, on the production version the diameter might be slightly less.

Each chart has curves for two batteries, but these batteries are nearly identical in performance and the curves are on top of each other.


This battery uses a good cell, this secures many things:

  • The batteries does match in capacity, i.e. they can be used in series.
  • The battery is very safe.
  • The battery has the specified capacity.

The battery has a very high current limit, this does not mean it can sustain more current than other 3100 mAh batteries, but just that the safety circuit will react later.
All in all a very good battery.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries

The batteries was supplied by intl-outdoor for review.

That's good news HKJ - thanks for another great review!

Hopefully these will be up on the Int'l Outdoor Store site soon.

ty, but i can't load the picture i can now

According to Hank they will.

Looks much better than the first generation of intl-outdoor 3100mAh cells.

HKJ, sorry for disturbing this thread, but I would like to tell the previous owners of the BLUE protected batteries something in another thread, HERE

And that these cells are now available from their website.

Always good to have another source for these quality Panasonic-based cells.

Thanks for the excellent review, as always.

These cells seem to be ideal for applications such as the DRY (and similar), with the well-matched capacities and new PCB.

I like these cells, and use them a lot. Handy to have for lights where 3400 protected are just too snug. Although sometimes classified as flattops, there is really a slightly raised button which makes for good contact in series setups.