Test/review of Keeppower 20700 4250mAh P2070J (Black) 2019

Keeppower 20700 4250mAh P2070J (Black) 2019

Official specifications:

  • Capacity min.: 4250mAh

  • Capacity typ.: 4050mAh

  • Nominal voltage: 3.70V

  • Charge voltage: 4.20+/-0.05V

  • Standard discharge cut-off voltage: 2.50V

  • Standard charge current: 2000mA

  • Charge termination current: 80mA

  • Max. continuous discharge current: 10A

This is a protected 20700 cell with fairly good capacity

The two cells matches very fine and capacity drops slowly with higher current. The protection trips after some time at 10A.


This is a good protected cell.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by Keeppower for review.

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