Test/review of LG 18650 HG2 3000mAh (Brown)

LG 18650 HG2 3000mAh (Brown)

Official specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh

  • Nominal voltage: 3.50V

  • Standard charge: 1500mA, 4.2V, 50mA

  • Max. charge voltage: 4.20V+/-0.05V

  • Max. charge current: 4000mA

  • Standard discharge: 600mA down to 2.5V

  • Fast discharge: 10000mA, 20000mA down to 2.5V

  • Max. continuous discharge: 20000mA

  • Cycle life: 300 at 10A, 200 at 20A both with 4A charge, ramaning capacity minimum 70%

  • Weight: 47.0g

  • Operating temperature: charge 0°C ~ 50°C, discharge: –20°C ~ 75°C

  • Storage temperature: 1 month: –20°C 60°C, 3 month: –20°C 45°C, 1 year: –20°C ~ 20°C

A high current and high capacity cell, that is rated for high current use.

The discharge curves tracks perfectly.

At 20A the cell reaches 81°C, but first after discharge has terminated.

At 30A I terminated due to temperature, but the cell do reach 90°C after termination.

Ignore the A charge curve, there was a glitch on my equipment.


This is a very good high current cell and it is rated to be used at high charge/discharge rates.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries
Compare to 18650 and other batteries

Thank you , I have a couple of these. Now I know how they stack up.

Yes, finally! Thanks a lot HKJ, gonna check this one out with other cells using your comparator :wink:

Thanks HKJ!

Your tests verify others! The VTC6 AND 30Q have less voltage sag than the LGHG2. I have all 3 of the batteries.

The 30Q is the best for the money and not far at all behind the VTC6 in terms of LEAST voltage sag. The HG2 comes in 3rd place in that category!

What’s up with seemingly decent manufacturer rating 2800 mAh cell as 3000 mAh one? :confused: Not something I’d expect from LG, to be honest.

Probably the difference between discharging to 2.8V and 2.5V.

I thought about that too, as you’ve mentioned before that you don’t test until 2.5V. However, if you extrapolate until 2.5V visually, it still doesn’t seem to have 3000 mAh. This is not the only occasion though. A good example is the Sanyo 2600 mAh that you have tested; it clearly shows that capacity is 2400 mAh, and no way it can be 2600 mAh. I suspect there has to be some kind of scientific tric/philosophy behind this phenomenon; I can’t imagine they’re just messing with us…

Edit: after checking again with the LG, it actually does seem to be feasible to have (close to) 3000 mAh. The Sanyo 2600 on the other hand…

Once again quite precise review, 10x m8!

And for the BLF interest i have to add that with bick drivers HG2 performs a bit better( only a bit, 100ma or something),

30q has been greatly improoved lately, nearly reaching 25r considering its int resistance

Hg2 can be used in series without modificatons, 30q need a magnet or a solder blob

Thanks for the review!

I’m surprised at how short is the CV phase, it takes almost 60 minutes less to charge this than your regular 3100 mah cell used in the charger tests.

That’s my main reason for using high-current 18650’s everywhere, even in low-powered lights. They are surprisingly quick to charge with a 2A charger.

Still like the he2 best

With an amazing price/quality ratio as I see it, I agree without a doubt.

Cheers ^:)

You should try the new 25r m8, its nearly as vtc5 considering int resistance and fet dd drivers performance

Cyan or green wrapper?

Cheers ^:)

Cyan arent produced anymore, if someone has those on stock they are old
Speaking of greens ofc, they constantly make new revisions, the last one is 12 afaik

The upper one is from the last batch
Its also 1.6grams heavier

Mmm, I was suspecting that already but, check this out: http://www.gearbest.com/25r-_gear/

Are you running some sort of battery retailer/distributor business, Mitko? LoL!

Cheers ^:)

Well those are pictures only m8, Gb sells alot, they prolly have from those too: aint sure though, those are local EU breeds - Poland

Haha nope, just a hard BLFer m8 :slight_smile:

HG2/HE2 has been changed too , they were performing better than 30q when annoyced

As always, nice test HKJ,
now if only our resourceful chinese suppliers could find a was to ship li-ion cells to Europe that would be bliss.
I only managed to get 4 of this cells before new shipping regulations screwed everything.

I have to dig this out because of reasons.
I read somewhere, that the HG2 age pretty badly and that they lose capacity fairly fast compared to the 30Q.

Since GB offers them for €14.02 I would like to know if this is true or not.

I would use them in the Utorch UT03 so I need some good High Current Cells

You may want to check here L4M4: https://liitokalahongkong.aliexpress.com/store/217753

Can buy a 4-pack of INR18650-30Qs for ≈€14.