Test/Review of LG 18650 MJ1 3500mAh (Green)

LG 18650 MJ1 3500mAh (Green)

Official specifications:

  • Nominal Capacity: 3500mAh

    Minimum Capacity: 3400mAh

    Nominal voltage: 3.635V

    Standard charge: 0.5C (1700mA) 4.2V, cut-off 50mA

    Max. charge voltage: 4.2V +/- 0.05V

    Max. charge current: 1C (3400mA)

    Standard discharge: 0.2C (680mA), cut-off 2.5V

    Max. discharge current: 10A

    Weight: Max. 49.0g

    Cycle life : 400 cycles, charge 1.5A, discharge 4A (80%)

    Operating temperature: Charge: 0° ~ 45°C, Discharge: –20°C ~ 60°C

    Storage temperature: 1 month: –20°C ~ 60°C, 3 months: –20°C ~ 45°C, 1 year: –20°C ~ 20°C

This is the newest high capacity cell from LG, it can also deliver some current.

Nice discharge curves. The 10A and 15A I terminated early due to temperature.
The tail on the curves is how much voltage they recovered when the load was removed.
If I had discharged to the rated 2.5V I would have got more capacity.

The cell temperature is 75°C when I stop the discharge.

Doing a 15A discharge on a 10A rated cell is not supposed to work, the cell raches 77°C after I stop the discharge.


This is a very good cell with high capacity and good current capability, but it gets hot at full load. This is one of the top cells when you need both capacity and current.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
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Thank you for your excellent review. What is your opinion about this battery compared to the Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA 3500mah cell?


Thanks for the excellent review HKJ.
As the above poster, what is your opinion between this cell and Sanyo GA?

This cell can be had for at least $1 cheaper then the GA, so can be quite a savings to be made if buying a few of these.

None, before I have tested the GA

One thing I like about this cell is the cycle rating, it is at fairly high charge and discharge current (Or there is an error in the data sheet).

Your reviews are very helpful. Thank you HKJ.

Thanks for the review! Looks like a good mid-drain cell. For those wondering about MJ1 vs GA, if the EVVA 3,500mAh battery HKJ reviewed is the same as the one sold by MTN, it is based on the GA.


Wow. Not much of a high amperage cell; it even gets hot at 5A. Well, I guess not until it’s pretty much entirely discharged. I suppose for 3500mah it performs admirably.

Thanks for testing.

It hopefully is the same.
Just that the Evva is a protected cell and the protection circuit makes for a higher resistance / voltage drop / lower graph than the bare cell.
So the Evva gives a hint how GA vs MJ1 performs, but HKJ will only know for sure when he tested the bare GA cell.

Thanks for testing the MJ1’s.
I have a 4 pack of these and mine tested around 60 mohms as well.Nice to get confirmation from “the boss” :wink: .I got a single Sanyo GA from Kaidomain that tested at around 85 mohms,but beware of (cheap) single samples.
I see the Samsung 35E and the MJ1 are neck and neck,much closer than 25R/HE2.