Test/review of LK FUGA Stikkontakt 2pol med jord og USB (Mains outlet with usb)

LK FUGA Stikkontakt 2pol med jord og USB

This device is designed for use only in Denmark Danish version

Official specifications:

  • Mains input max. 13A/250VAC

  • USB output: 5V/1A

  • Internal connection wires: up to 2x2.5mm2 for each connection

  • Idle power consumption: <0.1W

  • Working temperature range: 0 ~ 45°C

  • IP20 rated

  • Size: 5cm x 7½cm (1x1½ module).

  • Fits Europlug and Danish earthed plug.

  • Fits Schuko plug, but earth will not be connected.

I borrowed it from a friend.

The box include the outlet and a specification sheet.

This device matches the Danish mains switch and outlet sizes (Module is 5x5cm with this being 5x7½cm), it can be mounted on the wall or into the wall, depending on what type of box is used for it. It do also need a frame, before it can be used.
The 3 colored squares must be pressed down when connecting/unconnnecting wires (The wires are clamped with a spring).

Each wire connection is is for two wires.

Specification and wire connections are marked on the back.

The power to the usb device is transfered from the mains output part to usb power supply with some small blade connectors.

  • Power consumption when idle is a bit below 0.05 watt (i.e. annual power consumption is below 0.5kWh).

  • Usb coding is usb charger (DCP)

  • USB shield is not connected to the earth terminal

The usb output can deliver 1A and has a overload protection at about 1.05A. The efficiency is not that great (Very common for small usb power supplies).
The output voltage will increase sligtly with load.

Because my automatic test procedure will do both 120VAC and 230VAC I also got a 120VAC curve and it did handle it fairly well, but is not designed to run on 120VAC.

There was no problem running a one hour test at 1A.
The temperature photos below are taken between 30 minutes and 60 minutes into the one hour test.

M1: 58,5°C, M2: 62,6°C, HS1: 66,4°C

M1: 56,3°C, HS1: 61,0°C

M1: 49,3°C, HS1: 56,2°C

M1: 69,3°C, M2: 63,0°C, HS1: 78,0°C

HS1: 81,9°C

There is some peak noise at 0.5A: 36mV rms and 291mVpp.

The peak noise increase with current: 34mV rms and 481mVpp.

Tear down

Because I had borrowed it and promised to return it undamaged, this tear down is missing.

The usb power module was held in with clips, but it was not easy to remove as the scratches shows.

The power module looks like it is sealed and filled with black substance.

Testing with 2830 volt and 4242 volt between mains and low volt side, did not show any safety problems.


The idle power consumption is fairly low and it has very good overload protection. The coding is also fine for the purpose. The noise is a bit on the high side, but will be acceptable for most devices. I could have wished for more output power, but that is probably very difficult to make in this small form factor and it would requires better efficiency to keep the temperature down.

For powering smaller usb devices it will work fine.


Thanks to Claes for lending my the unit.

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Interesting development, but the USB part may perhaps not be as sustainable as the rest of the socket, who knows what the standard is in 15 years time.

But the module system will be in use at that time, i.e. you can “just” replace the outlet with a new one.

No wonder Danes are considered happiest people on the planet, even their power sockets look happy as hell.:smiley: