Test/Review of Nice Lithium AAA

Nice Lithium AAA

Official specifications:

  • Battery Capacity (Mfg Rated): 1350 mAh
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium
  • Battery Feature: Primary (Disposable)
  • Battery Form Factor:AAA
  • Battery Rated Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Brand: Nice
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 10 mm, Height: 43 mm
  • Product Weight: 7.0 g

This is cheaper lithium batteries from China. This type of cells has higher voltage than alkaline and works better in cold weather.

As usual with lithium the voltage is higher and more stable than alkaline, this is very useful for medium drain devices.
The jumping on the red line (0.2A) can be due to the battery or due to a bad connection, I will ignore it for this review.


Capacity is not the in top for a lithium cell, but fairly good. At the tested currents the cell is much better than alkaline, at low currents (i.e. when it takes days to drain a battery) I expect alkaline to be best when it is not freezing.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts

These are great for flashlights used in Bug Out or Emergency Bags, as they last 10 years+ (up to 19 years if fresh) and don’t leak like the dreaded Alkaline’s!
Light-weight and good in the cold too :slight_smile:

Well, it took you two years to publish this one. :smiley:
Thanks for the review, excellent as always.

That must be my record for slow publishing, but I do have a few unpublished alkaline reviews that are rather old also.

Energizers do (I’ve got an earthquake stash I check every year or so, bought long long ago, still within the ‘use by’ year date).

I wouldn’t assume “Nice” lithium primaries last the same way — check every year or two, if you keep them longterm for emergency use.

Years back a US flashlight discounter sold a different brand of China-made AAA lithium primaries inexpensively — but the ones I got didn’t last in storage, and they quit selling them.
(They were OK if I meant to use them immediately, on a snow camping trip — did fine below freezing, which is a feature of lithium cells worth buying)

I’m skeptical about the price though.
On FT it’s $1.35USD a piece. (AA)
For about double the price I have an eneloop.
So even for a TV remote, it may be more economical to buy eneloops? Or am I doing a mistake?

Depends on how much you use the remote ;)

There is also a point above voltage, you will probably get longer range on the remote with lithium cells and it will be less critical with direction.

Good point about the range.

Thanks, HKJ, for putting this up :D!

Odd to see that they dont perform as good as advertised, not even close to 1350mAh, little bit disappointing. Though they do appear to perform little bit better at 2A than Energizer AAA lithium primaries, however, my intended use would be in cockroach lights that consume very little so Energizer would win by a considerable margin here!

You can get pack of two for 2.04$ from FT, if you buy 5+ packs.

Now I dont know what to do, is there anything comparable to these out there in price, capacity and low temperature performance scenarios?

Yes, True.

I stand corrected. I was talking about these type of batteries in general, based on my Energizers.

Should have been more specific :wink:

I had several of these from Fasttech, AA and AAA.
Almost half of them failed early.
Example: outdoor temperature and humidity sensor powered by 2x AA. Energizer Li AAs worked for 4 years. Nice Li AAs stopped working after 9 months: one cell was down to 0.8V, the other still at 1.6V. The replacement for the failed cell also failed after one summer.
Similar in 4 electronic radiator thermostats. Simple alkalines can run for 2 years in these. Nice Li AAs failed in 2 devices after a few months: one cell good (still way above 1.5V), one cell bad (less than 0.8V).

Out of 10 Nice Li AAs, 4 failed prematurely. Given this experience, I doubt they have anywhere near the long-term stability, reliability, and shelf-life of Energizer Lithiums.