Test/review of Samsung INR18650-33G 3150mAh (Blue)

Samsung INR18650-33G 3150mAh (Blue)

Official specifications:

  • Typical capacity: 3150mAh

  • Minimum capacity: 3000mAh

  • Charge voltage: 4.20V

  • Nominal voltage: 3.60V

  • Charging method: CC/CV

  • Standard charge current: 975mA

  • Maximum charge current: 3250mA (Not for cycle life)

  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 6500mA

  • Maximum pulse discharge current: 9750mA

  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V

  • Cycle life: 500 cycles to 75% with 975mA charge and 3250mA discharge.

  • Operating temperature: charge: 0°C ~ 45°C, discharge: –20°C ~ 60°C

  • Storage temperature: 1 month: –20°C ~ 60°C, 3 months: –20°C ~ 40°C, 1 year: –20°C ~ 45°C

This is a high capacity cell with limited current capabilities.

The discharge curves matches fine, but the cell is not for high current, even 10A is over the limit, but then it is not rated for more than 6.5A


It is a good quality high capacity cell, but watch out for charge current.

Notes and links

Vapcell told me that I was missing some cells in my comparator and they would be happy to supply them.

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i was expecting a replacement for ss 30Q, but looklike this isn’t

Looks like a good match to a 7135 * 8 driver.

Beaten by GA at all currents. So…nothing special. But may be cheap.

Is very similar to Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650BL (NCR18650BF sans PTC).
Nothing special unless very cheap.

Hi Guys,
Can I ask, where did you manage to buy the 33G cells? I’ve been gooling around and have not been able to find a source of these cells.

Thanks for any tips!