Test/review of Shockli IMR14500 660mAh (Yellow) 2018

Shockli IMR14500 660mAh (Yellow) 2018

Official specifications:

  • Type of Battery: Shockli 14500 660mah IMR 10A Button top

    Size(mm): 14.2±0.1mm(Diameter) x 50mm±0.1mm(Length)

    Weight(g): 20±1g

    Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

    Nominal Capacity: 660mah (1A Discharge)

    Discharge Cut-off voltage: 2.75 V

    Standard Charge: 0.3 A~1A (Recommend 0.5 A~1.0A) /4.2V±0.05V

    Maximum charge current: 1A

    Continuous Discharge Current: 7A

    MAX Discharge Current: 10A

    Initial Impedance: <25 mOhm

    Cycle Life: 500 times, discharging capacity >70%

    Charging Time: Standard charge, 4hours at charge current 1A

    Operating environment: Charging, 0°C ~ 45°C, Discharging, –20°C~60°C

    Application: Flashlight

This is a high current AA sized (14500) LiIon battery.

The discharge curves traks nicely up to 7A, at 10A there is difference between the cells.


These batteries has good high current performance

Notes and links

The battery was supplied by shockli.com for review.

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Looks like from the graph it might be the same cell as the Efest 650mah but maybe old stock or slight difference in manufacturing.
Thanks for the testing data HKJ, very useful info. :+1:

How does one find these batteries? I can’t find them anywhere. I see the big brothers around but no 14500.

Contact Shockli directly.

Hum, sorry for the ignorance, but does this mean that these are good cells or the “old stock” possibility indicates that they are not so good? :expressionless:

Hello toehead
IF you in USA,would you can contact Mountain Electronics .

Do you have a store front on AliExpress? Would love to order 4 of these to be shipped to Australia if possible?

The discharge curve is almost identical until about half way through. So the battery seems to be made the same as the Efest just with less capacity or its possible older stock. I’m just guessing, could be they didn’t fill the cell up with the same amount of lithium foil.

Borrowed from HKJ’s fine battery comparator.