Test/review of Sony US18650VC7 3400mAh (Green)

Sony US18650VC7 3400mAh (Green)

Official specifications:

  • Nominal capacity: 3500mAh (2V cut-off)

  • Rated capacity: 3400mAh (2V cut-off)

  • Capacity at 5A: 2720mAh (2.5V cut-off)

  • Nominal voltage: 3.6V

  • Charge voltage: 4.2V +/- 0.05V

  • Charge current: 1.0A.

  • Discharge current: up to 8A.

  • Cycle life: 300 cycles to 70% at 1A charge and 5A discharge, 2.5V cut-off.

This is high capacity cells that can deliver a decent amount of current, but are not high current cells.

The discharge curves tracks nicely, capacity may look at bit low, but that may be because I do not discharge to 2V. They easily matches the 5A rated capacity.


Very good high capacity batteries from a big brand.

Notes and links

Vapcell told me that I was missing some cells in my comparator and they would be happy to supply them.

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries
Compare to 18650 and other batteries

Thanks for the review!

I guess it is safe to say its major competitors are the MJ1 and “GA”. At 7A the MJ1 and VC7 are basically identical in voltage sag and capacity. The VC7 has slightly less voltage sag in the beginning.

The GA has slightly more voltage sag than the VC7 in the beginning, recovers and is then slightly better until the end and also has a little more capacity.

I would say GA’S are the better battery of the Three. I use them in several of my modded lights that do not require high, high drains like VTC5A/VTC5D/30Q!

Thanks for the review HKJ

2v cutoff is extremely low not sure how much use it to us in a light.

Do you know the chemistry of the cell? If 2v cutoff is okay in this cell what about cells of similiar chemistry?

The datasheet do not specify chemistry, but notice that the cycle life is with 2.5V cut-off, there may be a reason for that :smiley:

In my opinion the “best” high capacity cell is still the Samsung INR18650-35E. Use HKJ's comparator to see it clearly. To add fuel the fire, after a very hard 50 cycle high discharge versus test among LG HG2, Samsung 30Q and Sony VTC6 tester Mooch demonstrated that the Samsung 30Q ended up the winner because of combined top cycle life plus overall performance.

Samsung has among the best available li-ion cell technology nowadays, and its pricing is fair. Sony is expensive. Just an opinion, of course.

By the way, king of high discharge 18650s is… the Samsung INR18650-20S. And then there's the Samsung INR18650-24S and the INR18650-25S. At this moment, Samsung is ripping Sony a new one. Period.

Cheers ^:)

Thanks HKJ!
I expected more from it really….will stick to 35E for now.
Though I can’t wait to see the test of 36G. :wink: