Test/review of USB battery box Blitzwolf QC3 power bank 15600mAh BW-P5

USB battery box Blitzwolf QC3 power bank 15600mAh BW-P5

The box has six 2600mAh 18650 cells and with two usb output, one can do quick charge.

The specifications are:

  • Capacity: 15600mAh/57.75Wh

  • Power: 18W

  • Battery Type: 3.7V 2600mAh 18650 Battery Cell *6

  • Input: 5V/2A (max)

  • QC Output: 3.6-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A,9-12V/1.5A (QC3.0)

  • Power3S Output: 2.4A(max)

  • Size168 X 61.5 X 21.3 mm

  • Weight: 420g

I got this battery box from Banggood.

How does it look

The power bank is delivered in brown cardboard box.

It contains the power bank, a usb cable and a instruction sheet.

Connectors and switch is placed at one end:
  • On and status button.

  • Micro usb for charge input.

  • A 2.4A usb output.

  • A Quick Charge 3.0 usb output.

Leds for charge status is placed on the top of the power bank beneath some small holes.

On the back of the box is the specifications and approval marks.

  • Both outputs used automatic coding with Apple 2.4A as maximum.

  • When charging the leds shows charge state.

  • Lowest voltage for QC3 is 4.17V

  • A short press on the button will turn on output and show the charge state.

  • Output turns off after some time without load

  • Power bank can be used as UPS, this works best on QC output.

  • Weight: 398g without accessories

  • Size: 168.5 x 61.6 x 21.4mm

The normal usb output is rated for 2.4A and can deliver 2.7A before it shuts down, this looks good.

The QC output is rated for 3A, but the current limit is above 4A, this is rather high for usb connectors.

At 9V the output is rated for 2A and can deliver 2.6A, before it drops to 5V

On 12V it is rated for 1.5A and can deliver 1.8A before it drops to 5V.

The normal usb output has a lower voltage when the power banks is being charged.

On the QC output the boost converter will keep the output voltage up to the selected QC voltage.

The power bank can deliver 0.5A for about 22 hours on the normal usb output. This is about 55Wh and matches fine with the rated 57.7Wh.

And the same on the QC output, i.e. the converters has about the same efficiency.

At 1A load the time is down to 10 hours.

And at 2.5A load the time is nearly 4 hours.

Drawing 0.9A at 9V is about 6½ hour.

Drawing 1.2A at 12V is about 3½ hour.
All outputs maintain voltage nicely until the power bank is empty at these loads.

Loading both normal usb and quick charge usb output at the same time with 1.5A, i.e. a total of 25 watt did not work for long.
It could only maintain the output for a bit over a minute before it shut down.

Reducing the load top 1A (total 17 watt) works much better, here I could maintain the output for about 3 hours.
I.e. the power bank cannot charge two power hungry smart phones at once, but anything a bit more moderate will work.

The noise is 11mV rms and 358mVpp, at this low load there is a little bit of noise.

The noise is 9mV rms and 100mVpp

The noise is 17mV rms and 99mVpp

The noise is 10mV rms and 88mVpp

The noise is 38mV rms and 241mVpp

The noise is 52mV rms and 260mVpp

The noise is 108mV rms and 565mVpp, boosting the voltage increases the noise.

The power bank is specified to use 2A while charging and the current draw is close to that, this means 8 hours charge time. It looks like it uses a nice CC/CV charge algorithm.

Using a charger with less current, low output voltage or a long charge lead requires a lot of patience because the charger turns the current way down. With 0.5ohm in series with the 5V power supply it took 40 hours to charge.


The power bank have two high power outputs, one with quick charge, it can charge one high power device or two moderate devices at a time. Noise levels are low in most situations.
With 15600mAh is has a lot of energy, but with more modern batteries it could have contained more energy without being any heavier.

I will call it a good power bank.


The power bank was supplied by Banggood for review.

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Thanks for the in-depth review as usual.

I’m not too familiar with those power box but just bought an empty TOMO 4x18650 into which i dropped my choice of cells.
Do i understand correctly that you cannot change the cells in the one you just reviewed?


Thanks HKJ. Its a shame the batteries cannot be changed out but I guess they do that for a reason.

So it does support pass-through charging?

I have completely missed that in my tests, I guess :/