Test/review of Vapcell INR21700 5000mAh G50 (Gold) 2020

Vapcell INR21700 5000mAh G50 (Gold) 2020

Official specifications:

  • Model: G50 INR21700 5000mah 15A

  • Size: 21.1*70.5mm

  • Nominal voltage: 3.60V

  • End-of-charge voltage: 4.20V

  • End-of-discharge Voltage: 2.5V

  • Typical Capacity: 5000mAh (0.2C discharge)

  • Min capacity: 4900mAh (0.2C discharge)

  • Weight: Max:72g

  • Internal resistance: Max:15mOhm AC 1kHz

  • Standard Charge: 1000mA,CCCV 100mA cut-off

  • Quick Charge Current: 2500mA

  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 15A

A high capacity 21700 battery.

The two cells tracks nicely and as expected this high capacity is not very good at high current.


This is a good high capacity cell, but best suited to loads that has an average value at or below 10A.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by Vapcell for review.

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries
Graphical comparison to 18650 and other batteries
Table with all tested LiIon batteries

As always, thanks HKJ for the professional test!

This looks like the best high capacity 21700 now. A bit higher capacity than the LG and Samsung offerings but with significantly lower IR (more available energy at 5 to 10A).

Any info on the cell? Was there some talk about vapcell using Tesla cells?

Very good high capacity cell. It’s almost like a 21700 version of the Shockli 5500.

I have this cell. It is the Samsung 50G. Problem is it has a recessed top so won’t work in regular chargers or flashlights without a spring at the positive terminal.

How come I can’t find any info on a Samsung 50G?

I see 48G, 50E & 50E2 but no 50G.

This looks quite promising. The best 5000mAh 21700. Unfortunately, at 15A, it heats up more than the tesla ones (purple) tested by Henrik in 2018. Agreed that the characteristic of the discharge curves look pretty similar to that of Vapcell 5500.

:slight_smile: Thanks

We have sent 2 pc samsung 50G to HKJ, wait the test :slight_smile:

Could you share the datasheet if you have it ?

I hope it is fairly recent, because I have not received any yet.

Yes, it’s recently shipped

Hello, HKJ, I see that Sony vtc4 cannot be found in the test comparison. Is this missing?

I have never tested that cell.


Wow,I’m a little curious that no one has sent you to test such a popular battery,great sony VTC4

So,we will send you ,hope will test it, the murata VTC4 :slight_smile:

Yes, Samsung 50G is in transit

I’ll email you later about the battery sample


Does the Samsung 50g also have recessed top like this rewrap?

Yeah, the same recessed top,

Many chargers on the market have raised contact plates, which can charge the Samsung 50g. However, a few chargers can charge Tesla 21700 5000mAh battery because of the large positive depression

I also use this 50G battery in the flashlight. The positive electrode can contact well and the endurance is excellent :slight_smile:

Since it’s a bit difficult to ship bare batteries to my country, I chanced upon a local seller here that has this Vapcell G50 at a reasonable price, so I got a few.

I just got the batteries a few moments ago. But I’m wondering if these are genuine or not.

I took some pictures and measurements. I am now loading the battery to my MC3000 to test capacity.

The characteristics (dimensions, weight) seem to match the findings above…

how it looks: (seems to look quite similar, although maybe someone can point out if there are notable differences from a genuine 50G)

diameter: (~21.1mm)

weight: (~69.7g)

AC IR measurement (YR1030 tester), from shipped condition: 13.3mOhms @ 3.58v

even has a Samsung type of date code visible underneath the wrapper:

Also, the “scratch me” authenticity sticker reads “Scrstch me” — but on closer checking, the picture HKJ posted above also reads “Scrstch me” — so it’s the same typo on the genuine Vapcell G50 sticker.

BUT there is 1 glaring issue:
it does NOT have a recessed top like what a genuine Samsung 50G / Vapcell G50 is supposed to be:

So, is this possibly a fake Vapcell G50?

(I’ll probably be able to have a more convincing answer after I do a capacity test)

Finished doing a capacity test on the Vapcell G50 I got

(also tested a Sofirn 4000mAh 21700 for comparison)

SkyRC MC3000 Refresh test: charge to 4.20v at 2A charge current (0.10A end-charge current), Discharge to 2.50v at –1.0A discharge current:

The Vapcell G50 got around 4900mAh while the Sofirn gets around 4100mAh capacity from 4.20v discharged to 2.50v at 1A discharge current.

Thank you for your support

I think it is original,you can check the anti-counterfeiting code on the official website of vapcell :slight_smile:

Hi dta, my G50 does look the same with yours at the positive(not recess). But mine does not have any Samsung Code(N50G) like yours.

And mine has a couple of indent print as seen in picture(O4). Is this some kind of code from some manufacturer?