Test/Review of Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh (Green)


Others have had much praise for this battery, and from their view point I have 8 of these batteries.

I find the results provided by Barkuti and others to be very good and helpful. :slight_smile:

Bang good.com has the VAPPOWER 4200mAh battery for $11.99.

They are not as good why would you want them!!! lol!

I got 2 for $19.99 w/ free shipping. r-sales on Ebay.

At least $4 cheaper, USA dealer,free shipping,got them in 4 days. I RARELY order from China,the wait is NOT worth it, even when you can save a few dollars,obviously for these batteries that[saving money] is not even the case!

Thanks for the suggestion. :sunglasses:

Sorry, my error.

I only glimpsed at the E-bay and I thought it was the price for just one. :slight_smile:

I just received my Acebeam EC50 II, and I notice that the Turbo mode only works with an almost fresh-off-the-charger battery (using the supplied Acebeam 26650). So I started looking at other 26650s, and this Vappower one seems to be one of the best, along with the Efest purple 3D 4200 mAh.

Has anyone seen a voltage graph of the LiitoKala 26650-50A? Is the LiitoKala an IMR? If not, I would expect that its voltage would sag more than the Vappower and Efest IMRs under higher loads.

peteybaby, take a peek at these graphs:

Blue, red: “B” from Hengji battery; green, “A” cell from PLB.

Source: #118 contribution from EasyB in “LiitoKala 26650-50A 5000mah 26650 - great first impressions”

Cheers ^:)

Thanks Barkuti. If I’m reading the charts correctly, the LiitoKala performs very well, but it looks like the Vappower might maintain its voltage a bit better under heavy load. That’s the characteristic I’m looking for. I’m willing to sacrifice some capacity for longer run-time on turbo.

peteybaby, I do not think you're interpreting the data “correctly”.

The voltage/capacity graphs are nice, but please understand that, when making a comparison with a cell with a noticeably higher capacity, under the same load this means that, for the same runtime, you'll always be in a more “ahead” position of the voltage/capacity curve with the lower cap battery.

In essence, and despite if it seems the LiitoKala 26650A/Bs may drop a tad more voltage in the low-mid range, in practice this is irrelevant, at least by the comments of many experienced users here.

Yet of course, do as you wish.

Oh! If you are really looking for the amps/power, go get some IJOY INR26650 “40A”s. A real 30 amps continuous battery, tested by Mooch.

Cheers ^:)

Thanks again Barkuti, but I was looking at not only those V vs. capacity graphs, but also the graph titled “Acebeam EC50 Gen II, Highest mode, Fan cooled” from user maukka in his review of the Acebeam EC50 Gen II (which is the light that I’m buying the battery for).

Unless there are two types of LiitoKala 5000 mAh 26650, his graph shows that the Vappower maintains turbo mode longest.

Otoh, the LiitoKala is cheaper…