Test/Review of Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh (Green)

Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh (Green)

Official specifications:

  • Battery Capacity (Mfg Rated): 4200 mAh
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Battery Feature: Rechargeable
  • Battery Form Factor 26650
  • Battery Maximum Voltage: 4.25 V
  • Battery Minimum Voltage: 2.5 V
  • Battery Rated Voltage: 3.7 V
  • Minimum capacity: 4100mAh
  • Continuous charge current (maximum): 4A

These are big cells high current cells.

As usual the current rating is a bit optimistic, but they do look good with very nice tracking between the cell and constant capacity up to 15A. 20A is also handled, but at 30A the voltage drops.


These cell has very good high current performance for the capacity, but keep the load at 20A or below.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries
Compare to 18650 and other batteries

Whatever cell is being wrapped here seems to be a very good one, better than the one in the 4200mAh batteries from Efest and Keeppower, at least at 5A and below.

HKJ, do you have the 5200mAh Vappower in your test queue?

No more Vappower in queue, I only bought two types from Fasttech. Next up is vapcell (I have already started on them) and soon I have a load of Keeppower batteries.

Thank you HKJ.

I have tested these… Some months ago… Although my tests cannot go over 5A…
I bought a pair of these and a pair of 5200mAh… As comments on Fasttech suggested that below certain currents was useless the 4200mah… I do not have lights that would take advantage from the more current so I thought 5200 Mah would be a wiser choice… Well in the end I took both… But the 5.2Ah version had IN MY TESTS less precise capacity rating…. IIRC was something near 4.7Ah…but also IIRC the 4200 Ah had also few less capacity… Don’t know why I usually have less capacity in all of my tests

Do you discharge down to 2.5V ?

Thanks for testing!
As of now it seems to be the cell with the least voltage sag in the 5A range. I used your comparator and paired it with all of the usual high drain suspects - this one prevails.

As a result I bought 2 of these from FT. I have by no means the adequate equipment for proper testing (just a humble imax B6) but my quick and dirty test is to take all new cells, put them unter 1A load and measure the voltage with a DMM directly at the cells:
Sanyo 2600 FM: 4.09V
Samsung 25R: 4.15V
Tensai 4500: 4.13V
MNKE 3500: 4.15V
Vappower 4200: 4.17V

At least that gives me a hint that I got some good stuff.
So the Vappower 4200 is very good for single cell / single emitter lights in 26650 format like the HD2010 and the UF-F13.

Anyone else pick up some of these? Looks like a few places carry them around $10 each seems pretty great for the performance shown.

Not much excitement over what appears to be one of the best 26650 high drain cells for under 20A?

I’m thinking about picking up some over the Basen deal. Whatch’yall think?

Any comparison with the Green Efest IMR 4200mAh batteries ?

dampfakkus.de tested both:

Simplest way is to use their 6-way-comparator and select the 2 cells. compare at 2A, 3A or 5A.
You can even include 4 more cells into the comparison.

Thank you very much .

Where are these made? China? Nothing written on the battery.

EDIT: I think I just found my answer on a Dealer website:

Vappower IMR 26650 4200 mAh

New Lower Price

These high drain batteries come from a collaboration of engineers from the Canadian battery company, MOLI, and a factory in China. Produced on automated machines.

This is a battery I have been always looking for, it is based on the published data, like the excellent here by review by HKJ.

It is a hard battery to find and at a reasonable price.


Thank you for the link.

IT is hard to find,the few that I did were a few dollars more than where I got mine on Ebay from a reputable Dealer who i bought batteries before. I got it today w/ my EC60vn coming next week!



Thank you!

Not bad batteries but, as happens with many other random overpriced rewraps, the LiitoKala 26650-50As will smoke these with ease in every aspect. In the history of the 26650 li-ion cells, the Liitos are the messiah of a new age, combining good capacity, good power delivery and great price. 'Nuff said.

Great review. :-)

Cheers ^:)


I have a group of these batteries and you are correct, but I use these only in my single cell lights. They are a good battery at a good price. I hope to see some test results from HJK. :slight_smile:

I would not believe that until HKJ or someone comparable tests them! :wink:

It can be clearly seen these cells have an internal resistance of about 26mΩ, easily deduced from the discharge graph.

I've grossly home-made tested the IR of six LiitoKala 26650As: less than 23mΩ. I say grossly because I used a millivolt multimeter but with a load just a tad above 1A, registering a delta of 23mV.

My figure is consistent with other various results of users in the forum.

Believe as you like.

Cheers ^:)