Test / Review: (OLD) Panasonic NCR 18650A 3100mAh batteries $11.96 Protected and $9.97 Unprotected (OLD)

just curious about its performance. i am intending to get panasonic 3100mah soon, how does it compare with panasonic 2900 and samsung 3000 (4.35v)

if only this panasonic 3100 performs so much better than the others two, the i will definitely get it.

Even I put 1 battery in my cart.. it still shows; Free shipping.. as being the only method of shipping..humm

Ya I'm waiting this one out....

Cells, yes, vendor - no, that's why I'll wait and see if they sell genuine Panasonic cells.

Anybody received them yet? tested?

I think many people would like to know how these perform!!!

I ordered 4 of them after asking the seller their maximum amperage, where the answer was 6 Amps as Redilast and Callie's Kustom.

I got 4 today. Damn fast post. All tested 3.6 V. Currently on charge. They are as long as 186700. Plain blue wrapper. I can't test capacity. I don't feel like peeling off the wrapper either.

took a bit over 4.15 hrs to charge at 1000 mah from 3.6 to 4.13 v.

how does it performs against panasonic 2900>??

Many cells are long:

XTARs are 68.8 and 69.2mm

Eagletac 2400mAh - 68.8mm

Redilast 2900mAh 68.9mm

Redilast 3100mAh 69.03mm

4GREER 2400mAh 69.2mm

Callie Kustoms 3100mAh 68.9mm

What does performance mean to you in this case?

yeah... give us some info.. I think they will be high on everyones list! 3100mAh... wow

I peeled a cover off mine. Says ncr18650a lion MH12210. Made in Japan.





on the side.

Same battery as in photo and same battery other sellers use.

So what is the verdict on these....?


Yeah waiting on a mAh and so on

Just received 4 batteries, I am charging them so I can't tell the results yet.

My first impression is they are really good wrapped, they have got a thick plastic that should last a lot more than many others like Trustfire flames or even Hi-MAX.

Here some pics:

They are the same batteries sold by Kallie's customs (yes I checked the pics on both websites) so they are good.

I've received mine this morning. They look well put together and almost identical in size to my Redilast 2900mah. They have the same type positive button too. They were resting at 3.65v and are now on charge. Will to a rundown test later compared to Redilast 2900mah.

Cycle them 3 or 4 times. The capacity will increase, only very slightly, but will increase. Since your Redilast 2900 are already cycled you should do the same with the new ones you've got.