Test / Review: (OLD) Panasonic NCR 18650A 3100mAh batteries $11.96 Protected and $9.97 Unprotected (OLD)

UPDATED: February 18th 2012:

the NEW protected batteries are now available from Intl.OutdoorShop

Please watch the new thread!

This old thread is mostly about the older Blue protected cells... so please watch my newest thread about the newer cells.

I was just thinking about making this an original thread.. as the other 2 threads about this battery can get a bit Off topic.

Panasonic 18650 Unprotected $9.97

Panasonic 18650 Protected $9.97+1.99= $11.96

1-2 batteries +$3 for sending

3+ batteries FREE sending

The batteries can be found HERE intl-outdoor.com

This specific deal is not my finding, but it looks more appropriate to put it in a new topic, than adding to the others.

Good work ChibiM . I was thinking of doing the same thing. A great deal for international buyers. If you buy 3 postage is free or less than 3 its $3.

Just happened on it by chance. I think he will sell lots.


I was just about to get the redilast 3100 (same panasonic inside), but I did not know about this ones.

Just one question, What is the maximum amperage the protection circuit can give on these ones?


So far I have always been going the Redilast route but couldn't resist the awesome price of these ones. I've ordered 3x prodected. I hope they are good.

How can you order these protected???

I can't even put these items in my Shopping Basket??

I would love to knw more specs of these protected batteries...



It works fine for me. There are instructions on the page, read.

Looking at the photos you can see the length. They are button tops, but the button are not at the same level with the rest of the battery length.

Nope, It does not work for me.

When I hit the 'add to cart' button I get this :


I can't put these in my basket.

Works fine with al the other batteries, except for the 3100 mAh ???

I've tried again, and it works just fine. Could it be the browser? I'm using Firefox 7.

OK, no problem with Firefox.

Seems it does not work fine with Explorer!

Thanks Hikelite

Ordered 4 protected (blue). Couldn't resist the temptation to own 3100mAh 18650 batteries.

I guess I need to ask, if they really charge up to 3100mAh?

My memory says that some batteries need to be charged to 4.35V to reach max mAh..

It looks like in this case a 4.2V might be max...Full mAh..

or not?

There's info on the website saying, full charge 4.2v. That's correct.

We have discussed about it these days here, down from that post.

I think Hank owes me a free battery


I've tried using Explorer 6 but it's no displaying the page correctly, there are several photos of the products on the website but none are displayed. Add to cart doesn't work either.

Firefox 7.0.1 displays everything correctly and add to cart works just fine.

Curious to know where this company is located ? any one have any idea .?


That's why I'll wait for someone to test them.

The cells are made in Japan not China.


Just ordered 4 pcs protected 3100/ 18650.

Works just fine with Firefox.