Test / Review: Sanyo 18650 2600mAh (Red) bv

Sanyo 18650 2600mAh (Red) bv

Official specifications:

  • Li-ion 2600mAh 18650 cell - SANYO, Made in Japan
  • Product Name : SANYO Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Model : SANYO MB5M40
  • Norminal Capacity : 2600mAh
  • Diameter : 18.22mm
  • Height : 69.21mm
  • Weight(Typical) : 1.6OZ
  • Charge Method: Constant Current and Constant Voltage(4.2V)
  • Nominal Voltage : 3.7 V
  • Max. Charge Current : 1CmA(2600mA)
  • Max. Disharge Current : 2CmA(5200mA)
  • Discharge Temperature : -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Energy Density : 565Wh/I, 215Wh/kg
  • Charging Time : 3hrs(Standard) or 2.5hrs(Rapid)

This battery has a very solid build, the disadvantage of this build is the length of the battery.

The button top is high and larger in diameter than normal button tops.

The battery has a clear outer wrapper.


This battery uses a very good cell, but does not fit in all equipment due to the length.
I will rate this battery very good, with the exception of the length.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries

Hey HKJ, are you sure that’s a 2600mAh cell?
Judging by color (orange), it looks like 2800mAh (4.3V) Sanyo UR18650ZTA. Maybe you could check label on shrink wrapper of cell itself?
I’m afraid you would have to remove outer clear wrapping in order to do that, though.

I think HKJ is right, look at Fasttech's UR18650ZT.

Different button top and base plate on the UR18650ZTs from Fasttech. (This is obviously inconclusive, but I would guess they are 2600 mah ones)

You are correct, they are 2800 mAh cell at 4.3 volt, but because they are sold as 4.2 volt batteries the capacity will be lower.

I have changed the info box to reflect this.

Neither button top and base plate are part of cell itself though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: just a minute ago, I was confirmed to be right :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Damn, you were right. :( I know they aren't part of it, I just guessed they all got the protection circuit applied in the same place so all UR18650ZT would have the same ones. But I was wrong.

Where can I purchase these? I didn’t see a link in the first post…

Nice review as everytime!

I don't know where HKJ's came from, but Fasttech does sell protected UR18650ZT.


I do not include a direct link, but there is a web address in the info box.

It looks like they have changed the description and also the protection, since I bought the battery. Now it says 2800 mAh, but it forgets to say 4.3 volt.

HKJ, is there some reason why Sanyo batteries always measure less in your tests than others? I.e. Sanyo 2600mAh measures just 2300-2400mAh, while for others (me included) they consistently measure 2500mAh+ (as they should, according to datasheet).
All others (Panasonic, LG etc) seem to measure much closer to other people’s tests.

I do not have any explanation for that.

Generally I split my batteries between two test stations, one for 2800+ batteries and the other for anything less. There might be systematic differences between the two test station, like different charge voltage and different calibration, but this is not supposed to be a very big difference.

Also note that I uses 0.1 A as termination current when charging, some chargers might use other termination currents.

No, I think that is UR18650FM with protection.

Look at these:

Hey, HKJ already confirmed it’s UR18650ZT :stuck_out_tongue:

Howly cow :open_mouth: 11 bucks for 2? :open_mouth: it says “2 pack”!! :open_mouth:

Uffff, veeeery big difference, IMO :expressionless: UR18650FM is even better than this one. But if a pair costs 11 bucks - I’m in (and with free shipping WW).

Pair of UR18650FM’s costs just $0.02 more :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.fasttech.com/products/1420/10001901/1143802

And fasttech ships through epacket so it will get to the US with in 2 weeks.

So, 11 bucks for 2? :open_mouth: Man, these are the lowest prices I’ve ever seen! :open_mouth: IOS sells FM Sanyos for more than $17.
And you have a pair of protected NCR18650A for less than $16! :open_mouth: Fasttech, where have you been all this time :bigsmile:

I think you can’t really go wrong for this price and the shown capacity!

HKJ, Now that I have some of Sanyo 2800 protected from FastTech in the post I would like to see a test of them at full capacity. Also I would like to know how much better the unprotected battery are. Would you consider that?
Godt nytår!

Thanks very much! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.