Test / Review: Trustfire 26650 Flame 5000mAh

Battery: Trustfire 26650 Flame 5000mAh
Source: FastTech
Voltage on arrival: 3.85V
Protection: Yes
Button top: Yes
Claimed capacity: 5000mAh (4000mAh by FastTech)
Measured capacity: 4721mAh @ 1A / 2.9V
Internal resistance: 15mOhm
Calculated capacity: 4344mAh @ 875mA / 3.0V


Internal resistance:
15 mOhm / 3.35V / #1
15 mOhm / 3.85V / #1
16 mOhm / 4.21V / #1

15 mOhm / 3.85V / #2

Discharge capacity at 1A (displayed 0.9A during discharge):
4721mAh / #1

4724mAh / #2

Voltage at the end of discharge was 3.08V in my DMM, so it might not even be 2.9V who knows, give or take. Afterwards jumps up in a short time to 3.36V. Charging did trip the protection with my charger and battery showed 4.21V. Discharge started at 4.21V.

Have not had a chance to use these yet since my Keygos M10a takes forever to arrive.
Charging it now at 4A. 0:)
It heats up +1-2°C. Quickly putting it into storage mode :bigsmile:

Second battery discharge showed 4724mAh, started at 4.20V down to Turnigy’s 2.9V, once it stopped and I measured it it showed raising voltage at 3.34V already. It did not drop to 0.9A so soon, stayed a bit longer at 1.0A, still I would say these are around 4300-4400mAh. That is what I get after correcting the amperage reading.

Still the best 26650 around IMHO, at least when it comes to power per buck.

Thanks for the review, it confirms that these are a good budget cell.
I have had nothing but good results using them and since I do not have access to a discharge device it is good to see the results.


That's high for these cells. Usually see around 4,200mAh I believe.


May I know what hobby charger you used to do this measurement? Do you check the current accuracy with DMM?
This is first time I see such a good performance on Trustfire 26650.

I may try to measure the discharge current with my DMM, but bear in mind the DMM is not really good for measuring Amps, these pocket ones never are. I don’t have a big lab calibrated DMM, no access to that one anymore.

I will measure the second cell and see.
It was the first cycle for the cell. Charged (topped) and discharged, then just gave it a little boost for storage.

Indeed HKJ tests (lygte) do show a bit lower capacity for batteries at least for both my UR18650FM and this TF 26650 5000mAh.

You can see the charger in the picture. Turnigy Accucel 6.

DMM measured on both cells 0.89-0.92A during discharge. So it is as guessed 0.9A.

If I take duration of 4.96 hours and 900mAh it results 4469mAh.

If I’m even less optimistic with only 875mAh it is: 4345mAh

Still above HKJ’s and benckies 4200-4300mAh.

Can’t be as accurate as other folks around here as my setup is quite limited.

Ya, if you have Agilent or Fluke DMM, that will be more accurate to measure current. Thanks for update.

FWIW I have several and no problems yet

Thanks very much for the review! Sticky’d.