Test / Review: TrustFire TF26650 5000mAh (Flame)

Looks what a strange shape the plus pole has now compared to older pics in the thread, sure something is different in this new batch! Better or worse cannot say without testing, but sure they aren't the same they were before.

Just took delivery of two trustfires from ebay seller £10.88.and two from amazon £13+.
when my bt-c3100 charger arrived i decided to capacity test them just to make sure they are all around 4400mah.
To my amazement they are all 5000mah+….5166,5149,5208,and a shocking 5360mah.
not sure which battery came from where ,but if my charger is working correctly this would indicate trustfire have upped the ante on battery capacity/value.! not sure how to add photo,s but rest assured i took some .and will happily email attach.IMGP0737!

Greetings Darkness,
I thought I was losing it here.
Just picked up a pair of TF 26650’s from E-Bay for $15 delivered.
Charged and tested drain 2x with my iMax B6.
I ran 2 charge up and down cycles then did final tests on both.
Capacity was 5427 & 5398mAh for the 2 batteries at 1 amp draw down to 3.0v.
I thought my B6 was off….
I do have pics of the charge results I can try to get up, or I can E-Mail.

added item 2-3-15: I noticed that my tested was stopping at 330 minutes. Found a cutoff timer was stopping test before complete. Changed timer to 360 minutes and capacities went up.

Added I-Max B6 discharge test pics with 360 minute timer:


Who’s the ebay seller?
Please post your more usage experience.

yeah, which item
I’d expect 500mAh from ebay, not over 5000.

I was really expecting something in the range of 4000mAh for these, but ran them 2x each through my B6 to test.

Here is the purchase from E-Bay:

Nov 17, 2014

US $15.02
Free shipping
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1 item sold byttmallzone365
2 x Trustfire 26650 3.7v 5000mAh High Quality PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery
2 x Trustfire 26650 3.7v 5000mAh High Quality PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery
( 131179057630 )
Delivered on Sat, Nov 29
Tracking number: Tracking numberLK264726706CN
Batteries test OVER 5000mAh……wow

LOL the last line is what I posted in my purchase note on the item, not from the seller.

My pic at test time:

The seller info is in the thread now.

What does “Please post your more usage experience.” mean?

Thanks for the seller info. On the strength of your post, very tempted to get a couple hoping for a long run time in Yezl Y3 — for night time hiking.

I was wondering if you tried them in a flashlight beside your two discharge/charge in the iMax B6.

Drew blank when searched for the ebay seller:byttmallzone365 .

Your item was delivered … on November 29, 2014.
Long time ago.

The best price now is $16.74.

I’m also a little tempted! BLightSam means to say that the seller is “ttmallzone365”.

@ BLightSam: What discharge currents have you tested at? [I doubt your usage experience will tell us much since you just got them…]

This thread and it's info is over 2 years old. A lot has happened since then, but basically, anything with fire in the name is still not likely to be the best to buy, nor will in necessarily be trustworthy. There are plenty of good cells sold by dealers like Mtn Electronics, (RMM), and Illumination supply, but you won't see Trustfire on their web sites. They are just not good batteries to have faith in, since they are inconsistent and copied so much. Some are even used cells, that had new labels put on. Happens all the time. I try to stick with cells from well known and respected sellers.

Greetings O-L,

Most of the time the “Fire” suffix means ‘danger’, indeed.
However, I personally have not had any of apx 18 total, Trustfire batteries be any less than I expected. Most of them are 14500’s, with 2 - 18650’s and now 2 - 26650’s. They have all done very well, at a reasonable cost.
Buying from seller with good history is a good place to start any purchase.

As above, I just ran at 1.0A discharge, nothing else.

I have/had 2 lights that took the 26650’s. Gave one away at Christmas and still have the one with a head that pivots to a 90-degree angle….
Personally I see little or no difference in brightness between the 18650 Sanyo battery and this 26650.
I would expect it to run much longer with the 26650.

their price is now:
Trustfire 2*26650 3.7v 5000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery PCB Protect Board USA

or Best Offer
Free shipping

You could try making an offer…?

November 29th was only 6 weeks ago……

Should have guessed to rid of “by”. Found the seller finally. Price changed a little. Thanks for the tip to get rid of “by”. The problem gave me a pause to wait for the results of others actual “field” test.

Didn’t (Couldn’t) get the battery. Bedsides I am incapable of doing any testing except the one by eyeballs. I leave the real test to more learned members.

Oops, sorry dno36 / BLightSam. I directed my responses backwards! You both understood and answered anyway though. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warning about “xxxxFire” batteries. But I consider ‘Trust’ is far better than the ‘Sure’ even though it’s certainly not as good as the name brands. I am considering the Trustfire 26650 because of positive reports from 3daysofdarkness (08/16/2014) and now dno36. Considering this battery basically to check out the 26650 lights, and will be actually used only a couple of times. For that I don’t want to spend a lot of $$$.

I stumbled onto that one, and was actually debating whether to offer $14 or $12. What do you think, $14 or $12?

$12 might be a bit scant, but what the heck, the worst they can say is ‘no’.
If I recall there were a couple of other sellers in the mid-$14 range.
Let us know what you discover.

Also thought $12 might be pushing too far. Bid $14. Let’s see what happens.

Go ahead and bib $12, see if they counter offer.
If they just reject your offer of $12 and there is not counter offer, then try $14.