Testing the Best Rated Flashlights on Amazon

Hi all,
Some of these lights really are as good as their amazon reviews. The Nicron N7 is a light I like to give as a gift.


If you have experience with any of these lights let us know.

Nice video.

Thanks for that comparison.

You might, possibly, have convinced me to try a Nicron N7 one of these times that it’s on sale. We’ll see.

i would first try to see if the reviews looked fake by reading 20-30 of the 5 star ones.

i mean if i were him.

especially number 2, the ‘outlier a1000’ with 4000+ reviews - it is obvious crap. 4000 reviews! really?


The J5 Tactical V1 Pro was reviewed by me in detail here:


Nice review.

How bad is PWM on the Nicron N7?

Here is one way to check the legitimacy of reviews, but I can’t vouch for the tool’s efficacy.

Looks like the Nicron N7 might be worth a try…Thanks for the video, Matt!

I was gifted the N7 with an annoyingly off centered led and I have a few BLF centric quibbles (starting on high mode, protruding pocket clip on the body, weak anodizing, ugly tint, etc, etc) aside from that it’s a pretty unique and inexpensive light that falls within the good flashlight gift category. It needs a headband to really complete the package.

High mode is not visible in camera :+1: but medium mode looks like this (pretty bad) but I can’t really notice in person.

+1 Perfect on camera in high mode, low mode it shows, but visually I don’t notice it. If you turn it on in low mode, set it on the table pointing toward the wall and stare closely at the wall you might catch a flicker if you stare long enough.

Ew. That’s a pretty horrible light.

Mum actually bought one of those tulip-head zoomies with Secret Military Technology™ and it’s a driver-in-tail design. Decent quality hardware, actually, but still a craplight, and nowhere near being worth the purchase price.

Yet they still sell… :person_facepalming:

Thanks for sharing. It looks like the output numbers you got track pretty well with my own.

About the validity of the amazon reviews. I am guessing that the ones with thousands of reviews are a mixed bag. Once you get outside the flashlight forums there are many people I have met that think the cheap lights are truly “a find”. When I used to work in town people would come up to me all excited wanting to show me the $6 light they picked up with a wad of 5mm LEDs in the front. Thrilled at how bright it was. The flip side to the coin is I would bet that like 30% of the 5 star reviews were made by people who were given a free light. Those dealers and manufactures hit me up frequently. I paid for all of these lights because I knew there would be things I would not like about some of them and I always feel bad for people when they send lights for review and they get a truth hurts moment.

Well, it DOES put out 1 million lumens after all… :wink:

I found an add on Newegg for a clone of the A1000 that said 20,000 lumen output. :slight_smile: I can’t find that exact one now but this one is close… https://www.newegg.com/p/054-01DC-00043?Description=20000%20t6%20flashlight&cm_re=20000_t6_flashlight-*~~054-01DC-00043~~*-Product

Hmmmm, a bit scary . . .

Only 20k lumens? That’s yesterday’s news … these guys are going to break the megalumens barrier soon!


Super magnetic Attraction? Sign me up!


That would be Chinese military, right?

Strap enough of these things to your chair and you can launch yourself into orbit with Photon Propulsion.