Texas_Ace MT09R Modding thread, 20k+ lumens, 80CRI, can start fires? Yes please.

If we are talking about the Haikelite charger and they may not have been I just mentioned it.. it will be a couple of hours

. Super busy. There are some photos in the 09R thread I am pretty sure.

I have been kinda quite the last few days, been working on the mountain of spheres, they are way more work to calibrate then I had hoped.

Also been trying to build the used 2500k computer I got for my mom but it has been giving me trouble to the point I am thinking I will ditch it and go with a ryzen system (If anyone knows of a great deal on a Ryzen setup, let me know).

I did get in a few lights from Terry yesterday, I am almost out of drivers so I won’t be able to build them all right now I know that.

I won’t be able to build more drivers until next week at the earliest.

Just wanted to give everyone an update. I am still here and working.

Could someone with a Q8 and an MT09R post a couple of photos of them together for a size comparison?

I was describing the MT09R to a friend who owns a Q8 and a photo would be helpful.

I’ve seen this one from this post but am hoping for a pic of them tailstanding next to each other. Thanks!

Like this? You’re welcome. :beer: :stuck_out_tongue:

quick and dirty

This is excellent news! ToyKeeper’s Andúril UI is perfect for high-powered lights. I’ve been running it on my Q8s and Emisars for several months, and just got it onto my GT with the latest update last week.

Andúril was inspired by Narsil, and works very similarly. Anyone familiar with Narsil will quickly transition to Andúril.

One very important feature is being able to set where the ramp starts and stops, AKA the ramp floor and ramp ceiling. A double click from the ceiling jumps to turbo. This is similar to TA’s 50% ramp option, but the upper limit of the ramp can be changed at any time through the setup menu.

Another excellent feature is muggle mode. This disables all options except on/off and ramp up/down, and the ramp stops out at a moderate level. This makes lending the light to an inexperienced user more safe, although you should always supervise anyone using a high-powered light like this. To enter and exit muggle mode, click fast six times.

It also has lightning storm mode, candle mode, sunset mode, and adjustable-speed strobe modes. :partying_face:

Andúril and its features are discussed in this thread. Here’s a diagram of its features. It’s amazing what can be done with a single button!

I lol’ed! :laughing:

Good enough, thanks! :+1:

Here is my own pic.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet!

Thanks, that gives a great comparison of size.

I hope you don’t mind that I cropped and brightened your photo.

No pressure from me. Its done when it’s done. :+1:

Ok, just got a light done for goshdogit. It is a Green MT09R with the TA special, 4000k 80CRI, TA driver, 50% ramp, spring bypass and tailcap washer.

It is doing 20k lumens all said and done.

It should ship tomorrow.

Thanks! :+1:

I plan to post some beamshot comparisons with other lights when it arrives.

Sounds good! I know a lot of people want to see that.

Ok, it just so happened to work out that the last driver I have on hand right now matched up with the last light that is paid for right now (I have a few more here that the owners are still deciding what they want).

This one goes to Sherbona, it is a Blue MT09R also with the TA special. XHP70.2 4000k 80CRI LED’s, TA driver, 50% ramp, Springs bypassed and tailcap washer.

This one is also doing 20k lumens.

If TA is getting board guys I still have 4 more right here ready to ship to him. I have 1 more coming from a customer I shipped the wrong color by mistake.

Once these colors are gone there will be no more of them. And once this shipment is sold out you will not be able to find them again at the discounted price I've been letting them go for...

Just letting ya know.

How easy is it to access the MT09R driver? I’ve heard that the Q8 has long wires to the driver than means you can attach a clip to reprogram it without resoldering. Is this possible on the MT09R or if not, TA could you mod one to make driver access easy?

The reason is I have Andúril on my D4 and I want to mess around with the firmware but I don’t think the D4 will survive my soldering skills another time. I was going to get the Q8 but if Andúril might work on the MT09R then I’ll get 1 of them instead.

The MT09R is easy to flash, the way I solder the wires it flips right out for easy reflashing.

Not sure how the factory will solder them but it should still be able to flip out, might not be quite as easy to get to.

I plan to try TK’s firmware as soon as she has a version that will work with these drivers (and after I finish the spheres, everything else is kind of on hold at the moment). Think she is pretty close.

TA I hope it is okay that I leave this right here for a bit.

Okay guys I decided to give a few lucky people a super deal on the MT09R 70.2 (which will still need a driver ordered from TA and installed or I can ship it directly to TA for you)

Also I am doing the same with 1 each of the SC01 and the SC02 and, I have a 35 high that is complete and ready to ship directly to a customers that already has the new TA driver in it.

It is the same 35 high that I used in the video that I light up the water tower from 822 yards. The price on it is stupid low.

So I have 2 MT09R 70.2 units green color NW emitters that I now have priced at $100.00 on my website you can find here https://hesaidshesaidsales.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fhaikelite-mt09r-triple-cree-702

I also have just 1of the MT09R 35 high I just mentioned that is complete and ready to go. I have already installed the new TA driver in it and it is easily a 1000 meter thrower. I have it priced at $110.00 you can find it here https://hesaidshesaidsales.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fhaikelite-mt09r-triple-cree-35-high

I have 1 SC01 black color that is on sale just this once at $29.99 you can find it here https://hesaidshesaidsales.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fhaikelite-sc01 and also 1 SC02 white color (actually they are silver) also on sale just this once for the same price of $29.99 you can find it here https://hesaidshesaidsales.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fhaikelite-sc02-5000k-emitter-tint-color-white

There is nothing at all wrong with any of these lights. I just feel like giving some people the chance at a stupid great price but only in these very limited numbers. Once these on sale lights are gone the prices will go back tor their prior price.

The prices include shipping. If you want the MT09R shipped to TA please email me at hesaidshesaidsales@charter.net and let me know you want it shipped to him along with you BLF username as well please.

Thank you all for all of your support and I hope in the future to be able to continue deals like this from time to time.

These MT09R 70.2 lights are a monster of a light after the TA driver is installed so the price I am letting 2 of them go for really is almost nuts. I will make about 8 or 9 dollars after shipping so, I would hurry. I would be willing to be that someone will be getting these really quick.

Thanks again.

Holy mother.

If these were the blue ones, I would’ve bought another one.