Tha mailman came!

EDIT:pics are gone, sorry, thought when inserting w/ link they actually uploaded to site

Nothing too spectacular here but figured I'd do a lightning review of a few things from the shipments I just received.

DX AA battery holders - the ones the 14500 trustfires came in are just a bit nicer than then ones I ordered (heavier plastic and lock together better). Both hold AAAs, too.

DX gitd tailcaps - the darker colored ones are thicker, stiffer and glow much better, but are a bit more dome shaped, and in my E03 prevent tailstanding. skus are on the bags

DX C3 extensions - they work, the knurling is better than on the C3s I own. bought two so I could run 1 light w/ 3 nimh AAs.

exduct Enlan EL04mct - awesome. I own a benchmade limited edition folder (~$130), it is marginally nicer. I'm utterly shocked by this enlan and the fact that one can even mention them in the same sentence for $19 shipped.

Shiningbeam driver and xml - two days to get here!

shiningbeam lanyard - much stronger than the one that came w/ my xeno (which broke easily)

shiningbeam itp a3 eos - gift for sis that likes purple. nice little light, I'd buy one for myself at their price if it weren't purple

Nice haul !

Would it be possible to post up more pics of the Enlan, please ? I have large hands, and that folder looks to be of a decent size.

Thanks !!!

my stretched hand span, tip of pinky to tip of thumb in nine inches.

Real nice haul!!

thanks - the pictures after i'm done w/ that xml and driver should be a little more exciting;)

Thanks a ton for the pics. I am now looking for one of those.

I have the Enlan with G10 handle - also nice:

This is not my blog, but nice pictures are presented.

exduct has it and a very similar one (wood grips, red and black) looks nice, but i figured this would give better grip.

i might be wrong sure you look close - they have several axis lock knives. if you haven't owned one, you're in for a treat.