Thank you to DrJones for a Glow Mode!!!

I recently started a thread (SEE HERE) asking if anyone knew of a driver that could provide a “glow mode”. DrJones replied and offered to design the board for me. I built a flashlight using the DrJones driver and used it this weekend. It is fantastic!

Glow - Low - Med - High (1.0A) no mode memory driver + a XP-G2 R5-1A in a Convoy S2 host. Glow mode is enough that you can see the LED when the reflector is facing you. Slight tap changes it to a nice get-around-in-the-dark mode - and then the other modes are there if you need them.

I don’t know if he/she wants the publicity, but DrJones provided me with great service and I really appreciate it.

Glad you like it :)

The glow mode is ~15µA to the LED, sort of a locator light (to find the flashlight in the dark).

I use the drjones driver in almost all of my most used lights. Since I don´t want any other ui anymore because I can program it as I want. They fit my requirements best and I can highly recommend it to any other.

Wow, 15 uA is really low. Are you using PWM with something like 12 bit resolution, or is it 8 bit and you’re turning off all but one of the 7135’s?

Either way, that’s pretty cool.

An additional 100k resistor bypassing MCU and AMC7135s, while the MCU switches the 7135s off :)

Just finished fitting a DrJones mokkadrv (electronic switch) driver to a dead Nitecore EA4. Now it works really well!! Great UI, love the ramping up/down to set the levels. Instant access to high or low. Just how nitecore should have made it.

Thank you DrJones :slight_smile:

I measured a 3 PWM value to a single 7135 (on a FET + 1*7135 driver) at 0.6 lumens - I thought that was low... Smile

I also have DrJones Mokkadv in my modded Aleto N8. Love the firmware… so intuitive.

DrJones is the king of flashlight drivers! 8)