The 10th Annual Old Lumens challenge - has officially concluded! Winners have been announced!

I’ll chuck me modifed hat in the ring

I’m in, modified category: The Whispering Gallery: modified category entry for 10th annual BLF/OL contest

My modified build is ready. Feel free to take a look.

I have been meaning to build a lantern… Maybe I’ll come up with something. I have an idea, but idk if I have the tools or skills to pull it off. May do something simpler as a “learning experience” for the one I really want to build.

Just created my build thread.
Due to lack of time I decided to join the Hand Made category

I am in for the modified flashlight category: Skylight's Modified flashlight, 10th Annual BLF OL Contest entry

I am actually withdrawing my entry for time and budget reasons. I’m not going to have anything ready.

Anymore late entries… :nerd_face:

Here is my entry i am in the hand built thread , hopefully it will get done.

I think I have components and tentative plans for four lights and a laser… I just haven’t had any time to work on them.

If I do anything in time for OL10, it will have to be a one-day project and post. There’s a keychain type light I’ve been meaning to build that I might be able to do quick enough.

Hi folks!
I’ve been a bit absent lately, but I’d like to make an enter in this year’s OL Contest :wink:

I propose to enter the “Modified Light” category, and this is this is my started and finished modification :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know, again, I started and finished without opening a thread previously but I used the hours I could spare.

I hope it can be accepted :blush:

Thans to the organizer(s) once again! :wink:
And to all the contestants, good work and sorry if I am nor / will not follow much of this year’s work! I’ll try to catch up asap !

Cheers :beer:

I’m in for the hand built category.

Making the most of the next couple days to get to the finish line! It will be close. Already up past 4am once I committed to getting the post up last night… but that’s what I get for not making up my mind to join earlier!

Good luck everyone, loving the builds and have been quietly following along for months. Making an effort to jump in more! Tired of hearing the 2 bass notes on the piano in my subconscious everytime I lurk in a thread :smiley:

Ah great all you late starters make me look like i was on time starting a few weeks ago lol

My build is done.

Here’s my last minute entry for a modified flashlight! Just finished it this evening.

My modified flashlight is now finished.

Many thanks to all the organisators, judges and sponsors. :+1: It was nice to be a part of this year’s contest. :heart_eyes:

Well I’m still going to finish the light, but it won’t be on time. So, I concede and bow to all the great builders this year, wishing everyone best of luck and sincere thanks!

Really happy to have joined in after thinking about it for years. Special thankyou to Yuval who jumped in with some critical guidance. I will continue my build thread and share the results for anyone curious :+1:

Well done to all, I’m gonna miss following all the build threads. You guys should all be proud of what you have created. Good luck to the judges, they have not made it easy for you! :beer:

That's a wrap! The building period of the 10th Annual Old Lumens Challenge has officially ended.

Thank you to all of this year's participants. It has been a pleasure to witness your effort and creativity!

Judges will now be solicited, and winners chosen, so that prizes can be selected from the prize pool.

If anyone would like to volunteer to judge the contest, please PM this account.

Thanks for the organization and efforts to make this happen :sunglasses: