The 10th Annual Old Lumens challenge - has officially concluded! Winners have been announced!

Oooooo this is exciting for sure, Congrats to everyone!

yall have beautiful lights. Seriously, they are absolute works of art.

Congratulations to all!

Hoop, your management time and work are greatly appreciated. Without your efforts, we would be twiddling our thumbs. Thanks very much.

Thanks everybody.

It is a great honor to finally take the first prize in tha handmade category.

Thank you Hoop for organization and for the judges.

I will be honored to have one of Hoop's amazing Magliths

Congratulations all!

And thanks to everyone who worked to make it happen - contestants, judges, organizers, and sponsors alike.

I hope to be able to enter next year.

Congrats and thanks to everyone involved! It’s always a pleasure to see everybody’s projects. YuvalS, yours was such a unique project, I think that was a 1st Place very well earned!

Yes, when I saw how it progressed and worked out I said to myself that it was The First Place Project!

Your lights are nothing to sneeze at, Don, ever. :slight_smile:

Well done everyone and big props to Hoop for being this year’s organiser :beer:

Thanks so much guys. I really hope it drive others to develop a voice-controlled light.

Did someone inform Skylight it is his turn?

Yep, Skylight has been PM'd.

Thanks fellas, it was an honor to organize this year’s challenge and keep it going for another year. I enjoyed the experience.

Organizing the challenge did take quite a bit of time, but mostly because my approach was thorough. The first thing I did was study every prior challenge thread in order to see what the rules were and how they changed over the years. Every contest entry also needed to be examined because not everything was explicitly stated in the rules but could be inferred from the entries. After some deliberation about the rules I drafted this year’s challenge thread. Next I drafted a revised solicitation letter and solicited sponsors. In total, 44 companies were contacted. Seven companies responded and offered a prize. After that it was mostly a matter of maintaining the challenge thread and answering PM’s and such. There was also some housekeeping to do in the archive thread. Next I revised the existing scoresheet, and judges were solicited. Judging took me two full days because of the amount of commentary I made for every build, which formed the basis of my scores. Next I wrote some documentation to help the next organizer.

The work of the previous organizers made my job much easier. Whoever originally put together the contest archive thread, “the” or CRX maybe, had to do a ton of work. There was an existing solicitation letter, existing scoresheet, existing imgur account, and some documentation, to help me along. Revising existing documents and processes is easier than creating new ones from scratch.

Special props to whoever put together the GIF slideshow compilation (data heavy, ~414MB) for the 2020 (8th annual) challenge. That probably took a huge amount of time. I believe it was pinkpanda3310.

All of these lights were awesome. Congrats to the winners!

I feel very honored to win the first prize in the modified flashlight category! :heart_eyes: Congratulations to everyone! :sunglasses:

Many thanks to Hoop, the judges and everyone involved for an excellent job running this OL contest. :beer: :+1: It is very generous of you, Hoop, to offer three awesome custom flashlights.

I would like to choose the flashlight from the Convoy store. Thanks.

I am having trouble making up my mind. :person_facepalming:

So, I would like to select the Skylumen Mystery Light, in a thrower please. :smiley:

Hi all, thanks again, this was really fun and helped me try some new things. Thanks to Hoop and the judges for their time, and the sponsors plus Hoop for the awards. I’m going to go with the County Comm $200 store credit. I’m eyeing the Ti Reylight, the Maratac twisties, and also feeling intrigued by the 1xC and 1xD cell lights.

@MtnDon, hope you let us know what the mystery thrower ends up being, should be very exciting to receive a surprise light from Vinh.

Congrats to everyone.

For certain! It’ll be as much fun waiting for and discovering what the surprise is as it was to take part in the competition.

Alright, everydaysurvivalgear is up next. PM sent.

Thank you Hoop for taking over the challenge this year and letting me build a light much appreciated, i really needed the motivation of this contest to get it done thanks! :smiley:

Congratulation to the winners and everyone that entered this years challenge, hopefully we see some machine made entries in the future contests.

On that note i can not let a custom go by so i choose one of your Maglites builds, i currently own zero Maglites so its an easy choice.

I’ve just replied the PM :wink:

I will publicly thank Hoop work and organization, and generosity :blush:

For the prize, I will choose the remaining Maglite shorty that Hoop will put together!

Again, congrats to all the contestats this year. Hopefully will be here to the next round, in 2023 :wink:

:beer: :beer: :beer:

Thanks for organizing it and running again this year, yall are awesome!

I Already cant wait for next year to what people come up with. I hope to be able to participate again next year, this was a ton of fun!

Id absolutely love the brass pineapple. Thanks guys <3