The 10th Annual Old Lumens challenge - has officially concluded! Winners have been announced!

Sorry for the delay, I just wanted first to make sure Liion are able to ship cells to my location :slight_smile:
I will take the 4 batteries and a charger from Liion.
Thanks for all sponsors, judges, Hoop and all participants.
I had a great time this year, hope to do better next year :slight_smile:

Thanks for all participants in this contest. I’ll choose that Led Lenser P7R for a price.

Thanks Hoop for organizing this and for throwing in those extra prizes. I really didn’t expect to get a prize! I’ll take the remaining $50 CountyComm gift certificate.

Thanks everyone for participating and for letting me in at the last minute. My project was something I already had in my head and I was excited when I realized I finished it in time to enter. Now that this is on my radar I’m going to try to put together something hand or machine made for next year.

Thanks everyone!

Now I will get in touch with the sponsors about prize distribution. I'll contact you guys with details or to get your mailing address as needed.

Can not believe no one took the TaskLED drivers. George have some awesome drivers. It was my choice before Hoop surprised us with his cool MAGlights :)
I have build few caving lights with the DualFlex driver and although the UI is not perfect I really like it.

I took a hard look at those but just couldn’t think what specifically I would use them for. The options available are a little beyond my depth!

There's still the business of "the people's choice" awards. Who's interested in this? Should we continue the tradition?


Why not?

YuvalS good to see you win. As always interesting and entertaining builds. :+1:

Congratulations to all the participants! :+1: :smiley: awesome work on your lights. I do miss entering in this contest, its bee a few years since i entered for two years building the Steampipe-Light (the one in my profile picture) and the Apocalypse lantern/light. Life has been crazy for the last few years, and hopfuly next year i may try to enter the contest again. :slight_smile:

My prize from SkyLumen arrived in yesterday’s mail. :smiley:

As you might recall I selected the “mystery light” that was one of the choices Vinh gave. It is a mystery no more. I received a modded Weltool M7-AM. The stock light has an aspheric lens and is sold as an “even-beam” flashlight with an amber led for specialized uses.

Vinh has it listed on his skylumen website. He sells it with the aspheric ens but with a de-domed 4500K triple set of Nichia 519A led’s. The de-doming results in an output in the 3500K range according to The M7vn also comes with Vinh’s VN4 driver which offers a plethora of user programmable UI. Included was a Vapcell F36, 3600 mAh 18650 cell. This cell supplies the best runtime and lower heat. Other higher drain cell will deliver more lumens but this seems good to me. Of course, it has Vinhs signature “V54” engraving.

Below are some images. The last one was taken last night in the back room (sun room). The M7vn was set in the lowest mode, “firefly” with no other illumination source. The Pixel 7 Pro camera makes it appear a little brighter than what my eye saw. The wide flat beam is apparent. The back wall is 13 feet from the camera and light position. The rear wall spans 11 feet from one side to the other.

The light uses a forward clicky switch in the tailcap. That takes a little getting used to but has its uses. It is a real flooded. No corona or hot spot at all. I like it a lot. The light color/tint from the de-domed 519a is excellent.

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Very nice. Thanks Vinh for supporting BLF.

Recently I received my prize flashlight from Convoy. :partying_face: Simon has been very generous. I will continue to be a faithful customer of his Aliexpress store.

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Just got half of my prize today (still waiting for the cells).
It looks awesome.
Thanks Liions

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Wish I would have been able to enter. Seems I would have won by default! Lol

2022 was a long drawn out hot mess. Covid nearly took me out in January and the entire rest of the year was an exercise in survival. Breathing was difficult virtually all year. First five months I was on oxygen. And the Covid rapidly accelerated arthritis issues, mainly a hip that has been mildly frustrating for years. Surgery is imminent, hobbling around, mostly with a cane. So, with all the tests and procedures I just couldn’t do the time in the shop for this years challenge.

Hoop poked and prodded and made me sorely want to, but it was not to be. And y’all KNOW I desperately want one of those awesome Maglites!

Nice work folks! Next challenge…. :wink:


Hey Dale!
Ouch… so one of those years eh? Sorry you had to go through all that. Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date, and I hope we can make things a bit more enjoyable for you until you get fixed up. And next year the contest will be waiting for you!

Thanks sb, This IS “next year”! Lol Roughly 6 months til OLC time!

Learning some new tricks by making knives, mostly with battery operated handheld tools. Might help me get creative. :slight_smile:


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Oh my! I’m very happy to hear you made it through. All the best wishes for a good surgical outcome and minimal further issues. We have been fortunate here.

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Good to hear Don. I know a lot of folks went through far worse than I did!

My Mom’s sister was having old age issues, 2020, as she moved in on 90, got in a nursing home in July and was doing much better, gained some weight, was really coming around… got Covid in August and was gone in 3 days.

Dad had succumbed to Cancer June ‘19, at 90. So it was one thing after another , life and her fancy curve balls!

I don’t think I’m old, at 60, but my body makes a pretty hard argument that I’m not as young as the Toy’s R Us song makes me feel!

Been getting tripped up on some relatively simple mods. Even got a new driver for an SP36 Pro that’s acting crazy as all get out, like… when did this become Rocket science? Feel left behind sometimes. Hahaha!

Y’all might have to teach me how to mod a light. :wink: