The 10th Annual Old Lumens challenge - has officially concluded! Winners have been announced!

Nah, 60 is not yet old, though I do recall when I did believe that people who were 60 were old. :smiley: Joints that don’t work as well as they once did can make one feel older though. Fortunately, if I keep up my daily mileage, I have no joints that complain. (I should have a ‘knock on wood’ emoji). I have friends with replacement knees, hips, and elbows. They say it made a huge difference in everything.

I read somewhere a while back that a study found that after age 25 or so, most people feel younger in their brains than their actual chronological age. And that as we age, that mental ‘subjective’ to actual age disparity increases.

I will be 77 this June and feel like I should make it. (knock wood again)

Would’ve loved to see an entry from you, sorry to hear about the trouble but glad you pulled through!
I had to miss last year because I couldn’t put the time together, and this year will be even worse with another kid expected by then.

Congrats on the expected, family is everything!

And thank you. :wink:

This afternoon I managed to swing an appt with the surgeon about my hip, will know next week if that is back on soon! Yay! (Scary but still, yay!)