The 9th BLF Old Lumens Challenge is Now closed! Sponsors and judges thread. Results are in!

Hey folks this is the account of the official Old Lumens Challange, this year me everydaysurvivalgear (Chris ) and Don (MtnDon) split the duties so we can keep the contest running.

I have tow main jobs

  • Find sponsors for this years event the information will be posted here.
  • Find judges for the 9th Old Lumens Challange, you may receive an unsolicited message in your inbox asking for your help to judge.

I am the only person with access to this account, Don will be taking care of the other parts of the competition and will also be entering this years contest. Most if this info is already up on BLF i will link the thread below.

All judging rules will remain the same as previous years and judges will be kept secret as per usual.

Categories are the same as last year

  • Hand made
  • Machine made
  • Modified light

You will be judged by these merits

  • Skill level/build quality
  • Uniqueness/ Innovation
  • Thread Quality
  • Shown Operational

In more detail the following points are the judging criteria used in previous years.

  • Skill Level/ Finished Build Quality: Judged fairly on the persons access to tools, materials and abilities. Is the finished build functional & looking good? Difficult to make? Was the build completed, started or no work done at all?
  • Uniqueness/ Inventiveness of the build: Is the light unique, one of a kind or does it operate in a special way?
  • Build Thread Quality: Did the contestant do a good job of showing and explaining to the forum how they did the steps in the build? Good thread organization, pictures and descriptions of the methods used?
  • Purpose Built: Was the light purpose built for a specific use? Is it a special new EDC, upgrade or something for use that simply can’t be bought easily?
  • Technical Details: Including new driver firmware, PCB designs, new technical ideas, programming and special switches etc.
  • Problem Solving & Obstacles: Were any specific problems encountered, documented and resolved by the contestant? Documenting the obstacles and using the power of the BLF community to solve them is seen as a big plus!
  • Enthusiasm to Participate: Did the contestant give it their best shot even knowing they would be up against more skilled veterans? Did they support other contestants build threads by posting encouragement and even giving help?
  • Following the Guidelines: Did the contestant follow the rules and guidance given?
  • Shown Operational: Did the contestant show us the light operating, its functions, beam-shots, videos etc?

Sponsors and Prizes

MtnDon has donated a fully custom built light, hand made by himself. You now get a choice of either one of these beautiful hand made lights in the pictures below.

Some info about the custom made lights by MtnDon
The person selecting the first of these custom made lights by MtnDon will be offered 4 or 5 woods choices that can used to make the light unique . You can personally select the wood and how you want it glued together and what arrangement you would like.

(Top light) The light will be single cell AA powered. The driver will be the one used in the Sofirn C01S, lo-hi, starting on lo. The led would be an SST-20, 4000K as used by Sofirn in the C01S. A Carclo 104xx series optic. A reverse clicky switch.
About 110mm long x 26mm wide x 42mm tall.

(Bottom Lights) is based on the Sofirn C-01S lantern and has a build thread the light you get will be similar to this lantern but custom built for you!. MTDon is even giving you the choice of a lantern / table lamp style or the original rectangular “loaf” style lantern. MtnDon said he will discuss what wood will be used if this prize is selected.

Please support the sponsors that support us :smiley:

One last thing i am here to help and mentor any one that needs help or mentoring, feel free to message me.

Results are in! Congratulations to everyone who entered.

Hand Made Category

Machine made category

Modified Light Category

reserved you can never have enough!


wow we are getting some great prizes thank you to all the sponsors.

Thanks for organizing everything and keeping the competition going.
Hope this prizes will convince more people to take part in the challenge and thanks Don for the custom made prize

Seems like I have a little spare time on my hands. I think I know how I’m going to spend it. :smiley:

Yea we still have a fair bit of time left so hopefully more people jump aboard, we have some awesome prizes so far.

Looking forward to seeing your entry.

Is it really two E2As?
Maybe change one of them to the H series ?

Yea the headlamps are great i have been using one since like 2017 i think.

WOW this list keeps on growing :D

New prize added! MtnDon is now giving you a choice of lights you can have if you choose his prize.

Ok. That mini lantern is ADORABLE.

As the winner of the People’s Choice poll, I would like to select one of the Skilhunt E2A lights.

Thank you to everyone who voted for my build. Also a big thank you to all the participants. I hope you all enjoyed taking part.

Good work again Don. Thanks to all the entrants and donors. :+1:

Judging is well and truly under way, hopefully we will see some results soon enough :D

The anticipation is killing me. Literally. I probably shouldn’t be taking that many beta-blockers.

(For anyone that is actually concerned, and I wish this didn’t have to be said but sarcasm is really hard to convey via text, but this is a JOKE. I am not popping beta blockers like skittles)

Yes, sarcasm as well as humour and other things can be the devil to convey online.

Any updates?
The curiosity is killing me :slight_smile:

everydaysurvivalgear is checking with the judges who have yet to submit their decision.

We all hope to hear soon.