The Best 1X AA Flashlights of 2015

Here are a handful of the best AA lights I’ve found for EDC priced high to low. This list should have something for everyone but let me know if there are any you think I missed!

Coast HP1 - 220 lumens - $9.99
ThruNite Saber 1A - 169 lumens - $25.95
ThruNite T10S - 208 lumens - $39.95
EagleTac D25A Mini - 179 lumens - $40.67
Fenix LD12 – 125 lumens - $48.00
ThruNite Neutron AA – 408 lumens - $49.95
Olight S15 – 280 lumens - $49.95
FOURSEVENS Quark AA – 109 lumens - $63.00
Zebralight SC52 L2 – 285 Lumens - $64.00
XENO E03 V3 460 lumens - $84.20

For a full list of the Top Ten AA lights, check this out!

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May want to avoid the Thrunite Neutron AA V2. A lot of reported QC issues; which is a major bummer.

Some companies have really stepped up their game

The prices are way off. Look at that Xeno, they usd to go for +/- $34 when new, 3-4 years ago.

Don't forget Sunwayman V11R... the best edc ;)

V10R/V11R, completely agree. Makes me happy whenever I see other people say it as well :smiley: There’s a price premium for it, sure. But when it still works and looks great after over 3 years of carrying literally every day, it’s easily justifiable.

Does the Xeno put out 460 lumens with NiMH or a 14500 li ion only?

Only with 14500.
But level spacing on li-ion is sub-optimal

xeno e03 for $84, that’s absurd.

They are around $30 anywhere

My vote is probably for Zebralight SC52w L2.

I don’t own one, but I do own an SC52w, SC62w and SC32w. The 2 newer lights have tints supposedly similar to the SC52w L2 and vastly better than the early model SC52w.

Welcome to the forum, interesting collection of stuff indeed

So what’s up with I Don’t get the business model for the site, no affiliate links to purchase said lights. Are you working up the edcstuff domain for a future resell? Not that is a bad thing or anything, just wondering… :slight_smile:

This is wrong: says the SK68 clone runs on a 1xAAA cell
(and appears with different names on both the AA and AAA pages)
No mention of whether it’s solid or hollow pill.

Armytek PRIME A1

Commercial sellers spot?

I can confirm that tint is MUCH improved with the SC52w L2 compared to the old SC52w. As for the output, if the Xeno is going to be considered a 460 lumen light because in can do 460 lumens with a 14500, then the SC52w L2 should be considered a 500 lumen light due to its output with a 14500.

They have seriously stepped up their game. It seems every year most of these lights get 10-20% brighter and more efficient

Armytek Tiara

Hey Alex, I started about 3 weeks ago and am currently exploring different methods for monetization. There are no links or ads on the home page but each post and category does have ads and affiliate links. Eventually I hope to acquire some high quality sponsored posts and drive a blend of high converting traffic. A resell could be in the cards eventually but for now I am enjoying the hobby. Do you have any experience in the space?

You are absolutely right- found it for $32 here -

I am kinda partial to my Thorfire tg05

Have been carrying the ThruNite T10 s lately and couldn’t be happier. Price seems to fluctuates on all these lights. Timing is everything.