The best flashlight ~ 3000 lumens?

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Hello guys what would be the best pick, and why? can anyone make a short, why and why not for this lights?

Also discount counts? free worldwide shipping? any recommendations for best deals? one more thing, i got 4x Panasonic 3400 mah protected (green from FT) will they fit in all of this lights? thanks!

I’m selling my tk-75 if ur interested :stuck_out_tongue:

You got pm :slight_smile:

Depends what you’re after, flood, throw or a bit of both.
TK-75 does both very nicely, it’s my most used light.

FF-4 on low.

FF 4 is out of my budget sadly :frowning:

Does the Fenix TK 75, takes Panas 3400 mah protected (green ones)?

Tight but yes it does.

Cast my vote for the TK75, assuming all lights are stock, it beats the other lights in terms of quality, overall brightness, and throw.

A modded TN35, dedomed would be a very close contender, since it will have similar throw, output, not quite as wide of an area illumination, but it also wouldn't have the artifacts/petals that you get from having multiple reflectors.

So in order of preference;

TK75, TN35, X40, TN30.

Edit: I'm actually looking to part with my FF4, fantastic light, but HIDs are not for me (I'm a compulsive clicker :p). It's a beast, and will spank all of the other lights listed in terms of output, and throw. Spent $280 on it, if anyone is interested in it, $250 shipped anywhere in the US. Will come in the original box, with manual, warranty card, and also a cannon lens protector.

If you want throw - TK75 is hard to beat, if you want something floodier - TN35 (loads of light and great tint).

Thanks guys, how is the flood on TK 75? how would one compare to the Shocker i got now? are the lens more resistant so scratches then the BTU?

Is the trow on 2900LM version noticeable better then the old 2600lm one?

There’s several threads on BTU vs TK75.

Iirc tk75 has an overall quality advantage, and the btu has greater throw and possibly more output, but the 75 has the runtime and stability advantage because 4 cells vs 3 in the btu.

No idea about the lens.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

TK75 XM-L2 throws better than XM-L version. Unmodded BTU shouldn’t outthrow it.

What about flood? how does TK 75 compare to the Shocker?

Also what temperature are the XM-L2 in the new Fenix TK 75?

I had both the 2600lm version and the 2900lm version of the light at the same time, and visually they were identicle.

Both I’d guess are are 5500-6000k, a tiny bit warmer than CW.

I’d probably go with none of the above. Something smaller and floodier, for up-close use, or something throwier otherwise. For unmodded lights, the Skyray King (flood) and TN32 (throw) seem particularly nice.

The TK75 is nice, great quality, has good heat sinking, and is balanced… but it’s too large for a flooder and only about as throwy as a modded C8.

Thanks alot, does Fenix get custom versions?

Or maybe they state there are version ranging from 3700, to 5000K and 5000 to 8000K? like on cree pdf for temperatures?

Thanks, i have Shocker, so this will be like tiny for me, size is not real problem :smiley:

It’d be fun to get a BTU Shocker, mod it for maximum output, and laser-engrave the “the shocker” hand symbol on it… but that’s a lot of time and money for a gag item.

Every time I turned it on, it’d probably feel something like this:

The TK75 has more flood vs the BTU shocker, though not by much. Also it's not so much that the shocker is huge, it's that it's completely freaking unbalanced, and head heavy.

Of course for a single purpose a dedicated light will be better, such as a thrower for distances, or a flood/mule for close up work. That said, if you want a light that will be good in most situations, the TK75 fits the bill. So does the TN35.