The Best Solution To Turn Flashlight Into Bike Lights

The link for the mount in banggood shows a 24 in 1 kit that does not contain the mount that was showed in the video.

Just add link to buy: 360° Angle Rotation Bike Flashlight Mount Holder Clip on my YouTube channel. “Banggood link”

Duct Tape. Job Done

Twofish Lockblocks are a very light and simple way to mount small lights to bicycle handlebars.

Amazon has that with a handlebar mount.
But the video is a motorcycle or scooter. It needs a real headlight.

Nope, I dare to say this is not the best mount. After some shaking, it’ll fall apart. I’ve have had about 10 simmilar ones, all gave up after 1-3 months falling apart. Plastic is poorly resistant to aging and mechanical shocks.
The solutions I ended up with are:

  1. For “S2” size this one
  2. For any other sizes I use this + any sufficient velcro strap.

I use this mount. Sturdier than any of my plastic mounts.

do a search for Fenix ALB-10 mount. I and many others have used it. I have several for fairly high speed mountain biking descends,
it works…

:+1: Also very happy with this Fenix mount and reasonably priced too.