The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

At first it was not like that, I helped him a bit. I described it here:

LSX, :beer: Sweet Collection. :beer: And the home built ones are Amazing. :beer: The land down under is actually on Top :+1:

1. BLF GT (nasty beast)
2. DX80, Acebeam x65
3. Acebeam x80, Olight x9r
4. Acebeam E65, Nitecore EC23
5. Acebeam L16

And a bunch of regular store bought ones…

which one you like more, the armytek or zebralight?

Aldi had a glass display cabinet the other week but I don’t think this collection warrents one just yet

Maglite 2D led
Maglite solitaire converted to led
Klarurs P1C
Convoy M1
Energizer Double barrel 4xaaa
Energizer Double barrel 8xaa
Energizer Hardcase 2aa
Energizer Vision HD 2aa

One Vintage round wick oil lamp

My collection is now more than 80 lights :person_facepalming:
Full table with details and mods for those interested

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Damn, I wish I had the patience to do such a list and I have about half of that lights !!!
Great systematization - X3-! BTW, impressive Olight collection :partying_face: [I use the M1T from you GAW every single day ever since :blush: ]

I wanted to keep track of my emitters mostly…
You may have noticed a “free” column… I added it recently to feel a bit less guilty :innocent:
The Olight collection has been thinned from the beginning, I owned each of their products from the last 3 years at least once… except the X9R :frowning:
I think the collection would be 150+ lights if I kept everything :-p

Built-in Rechargeable Batt.

  1. Ayup mtb lights
  2. Rovyvon Aurora A5

Single AA.
3. Jetbeam Jet 1 MK
4. Gerber Infinity Ultra.
5. Moon Sport Nova 80
6. Manker E11

7. Fenix LD25
8. Energizer Vision HD 2aa

Single AAA
9. Astrolux A01.
10. Angryfox Playfox K1

11. Olight S Mini Ti

Single 18650
12. Convoy C8
13. Convoy S2+
14. Armytek Partner C2
15. Rofis R3
16. Skilhunt H03
17. Olight S2
18. Olight M2R
19. BLF A6
20. Emisar D4
21. Convoy S4

Y’all are gonna make me pull everything off the shelf and dust it off, make a list. And then I’ll have to charge cells for 2 days…!

Somewhat over 200 these days. One out for delivery as we speak. :smiley: (had to run around counting, 209 best as I can tell)

Tonight we will have a flashlight meet in Hungary. Hopefully M4DM4X also will come to us.
This is what I will bring there.

So has anyone ever taken all the collected flashlights out some dark night, turned them all on, and taken a picture?

My current collection is getting bigger.

I put some more photos and measurements in my thread:

Acebeam X70, TN42vnCFT-90, TN40Svn, Acebeam K60, Imalent R90C, Toolvn, TX25C2vn, Emisar D4, Klarus G20, FItorch P25,

My collection (130 lights), as of November 2019. ,This first photo is my modern LED lights collection (excluding Maglite, Convoy, and Olight i3E), which are shown in separate pictures below. Direct download link (for zooming in) to high resolution photo HERE.

My Maglite collection. The aqua blue one (with silver bezel and end cap) is a rare Vari-Beam. The long one on the bottom is a 10 D-cell Maglite (originally 6D), created with two extension tubes from Adventure Sports Flashlights. Also, as I did with the Convoy S2+, some have had parts swapped for unique color combinations. Direct download link (for zooming in) to high resolution photo HERE.

My Convoy collection, mostly S2+ of various colors. Parts were swapped for unique color combinations. The one on the far left (with white/yellow stickers) is a calibration light from BLF member maukka. Direct download link (for zooming in) to high resolution photo HERE. The three in the back row are are the S21A, C8+, S11.

Olight i3E collection, including two of the special-edition tan ones (given away during an Olight 2019 promotion). Direct link (for zooming in) to high resolution photo HERE.

Vintage lights. All but two were new-in-box. Direct download link (for zooming in) to high resolution photo HERE.

My most expensive coke-can light, Acebeam X80.

Miscellaneous; increasingly rare Maglite 6C:

Additions; vintage Ray-O-Vac ML22, with unusual toggle switch.

Mint condition 7C Maglite (next to my 6C Maglite).

Nebo Redline 6K

My collections as of today November 2018.

I just received an Emisar D1 to add to my collection!

I’ve given away quite a few (basically most of the AA/AAA that muggles can use) to victims of the California Campfire disaster, but I still have plenty:



  • Zebralight SC53Fc
  • Nitecore LA10 CRI


  • Muyshondt Aeon Mk II
  • Muyshondt Aeon Ti


  • Surefire L1 LumaMax
  • Surefire 6P (sole incandescent light left, primarily for use as a CRI reference)
  • Eagletac D25C Ti LE
  • Eagletac D25C Ti LE clicky Nicchia 219
  • Olight S1 Baton
  • Olight S1 Baton Ti
  • Olight S1 Baton Cu
  • Olight S1 Mini Ti
  • Olight S1R
  • Olight S1RmkII Ti Summer
  • Surefire Titan T1A x2
  • Surefire Minimus Vision headlamp


  • Elektrolumens EDC-MCE
  • Elektrolumens EDC-XML custom in copper
  • Elektrolumens EDC-XML clicky
  • Zebralight SC600FcIV+
  • Zebralight SC600FdIV+
  • Emisar D4 Ti SST-20 4000K CRI 95
  • BLF Q8
  • BLF GT Mini
  • BLF GT70
  • Nitecore SRT9
  • Convoy S2+ UV
  • Eagletac D25LC2 click Nichia 219
  • Eagletac SX25L3
  • Nitecore EC21
  • Nitecore EC22
  • Some no-name Chinese light with a red LED for astronomy use


  • Nitecore Tube
  • Nitecore Tube UV
  • Nitecore TIP CRI (my EDC)
  • Nitecore NU25 headlamp