The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

You people are amazing.

I have got not much of a collection going.

These are the lamps I actually use.

Dereelight dbs v3 (my throw light for walking the dog at night)

My EDC Rotation:
Olight S1R II
Olight S1 mini HCRI
Lumintop Tool AAA copper

Lumintop Tool AAA (backup)

Led Lenser P3 (I use this one when I’m looking for something in the house, the narrow beam helps me focus)

And that noname AAA is usually strapped to my bicycle as a makeshift headlight.

I have others scattered around the house and car, but mostly these are cheap AA / AAA I did not like enough to find a decent use for.

The consequences of one year BLF :smiley:

Left to right:
Astrolux S43 Nichia
S2+ Nichia 219c 1.4A
Jaxman E2
Fenix E12
Astrolux A01 Copper
Sofirn C01 Yuji 3000K

Perhaps I should be done… :innocent:

I thought something was wrong with me till I found BLF :heart_eyes:

My current collection is almost finished. We know how it is with our addictions, i.e. it will probably never be finished :person_facepalming:

I have a Convoy T2.
How do you mean 1 is not a collection?
Sure it is, it’s just a small collection! :smiley:

And keeping the collection small in my opinion is better.

For your next light, I think you should step up to a Convoy S2+ SST-20. You will positively love it.

So my wife was not here yesterday…
Group photo guys !

Unfortunately, about 20 lights are missing because they are actually used and in various places :-p

X3, is that some vintage audio equipment in the background?

Looks like a Yamaha RX-V861/863 av receiver.

ahh yes, but who could man a full chess board :sunglasses:

Now I’m impressed !
Yeah, it’s my AV amp in the background

SC32w (5 of them)
SC64w HI (2 of them)
SC600w IV HI
H600Fw IV

Yes I have a thing for zebras :person_facepalming:

Surefire 6P
Surefire 6PX Pro
Lumintop GT mini

I am shocked that are people here who do not own Emisars

I’m one of them :wink:

So am I.

I don't do side buttons.

I will take all those lights on the top shelf please :heart_eyes:

And I’m shocked that you’re shocked!

/ with sympathy :wink: ON /
This is a test
Made by me several years ago; The small flashlight cost $1.5 and provided me with a lot of data on the breaking points under continuous and violent impacts.
It would be really nice to have a similar test for the Elzetta or other brands reputed for their robustness. Not just hit by .12 buckshot; not simply dragged by a car, but in a blender of the appropriate size; steel blades, as if in violent and repeated contact with a motorboat propeller. Mine’s back on; yours? (if you do, I recommend not to put lithium batteries).
/ with sympathy :wink: /OFF
disclaimer: Hey, guys; you don’t do what I did; but if you do, have control of adults and use all possible precautions; I don’t take responsibility

I saw Martin’s thread and thought to myself “hey that’s cool…… but I don’t need anymore edc’s :weary:

That Mechtorch :heart_eyes: